Brand Spotlight: Kerrits® Fall and Winter Wardrobe


Getting dressed for the barn in the cold weather becomes a process of layering clothing to be comfortable working around the barn and on horseback. For the past 28 years, Kerrits has worked to create clothing that allows you to look your best and perform at top level, while being comfortable no matter what time of year it is. This fall and winter season is no exception. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Kerrits this year.

  • Best Breeches for Warmth:
    • Kerrits® Power Stretch® Tight – These riding tights are made of thermal weight Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric, which allows for super stretch, comfort and warmth. The inside of these riding tights is lined with fleece, which makes them very cozy and warm for cool-weather rides, while the outside is smooth and dirt-repellent so hay and barn debris doesn’t stick easily. As an added bonus, the seams on these are designed not to chafe, and the waist is made to sit low in front without sacrificing coverage in the back.
    • Kerrits® Sit Tight ‘N Warm Full-Seat Breech – These wind- and water-
      kerrits circuit fleece half zip

      Sit Tight ‘N Warm Breeches with the Circuit Fleece Half-Zip

      resistant breeches are made of Malden Mills Wind Pro® fabric, which is highly breathable yet provides a great deal of warmth and protection from winter elements. The interior of these is soft for comfort, and the exterior is smooth and perfect for barn environments. The rider who likes good grip while in the saddle may prefer these, as they have a GripStretch™ full seat that will help you feel secure in the saddle.

  • Top Fleece for Layering:
    • Kerrits® Circuit Fleece Half-Zip – The perfect microfleece top for outerwear on a dry day or an under layer beneath a coat. This shirt is very durable for wearing around the barn, has a flexible fabric for mobility and allows for easy ventilation with the half-zip front closure. It’s also fashionable for wearing when you are away from the barn, with its slimming cut and princess seams.
  • Favorite Functional Jacket:
    • kerrits warm up quilted jacketKerrits® Warm Up Quilted Jacket – Designed specifically for riding, with a shorter hemline in front, this jacket has a quilted outer shell and stretch sides made of fleece. The fleece sides allow for ventilation, so you won’t become too hot while being active, while the quilted portion has poly fill underneath to keep your core warm. It’s both water- and wind- resistant, so it’s perfect for cool weather riding.
  • Great Insulated Gloves:

    • Kerrits® Circuit Fleece Glove – Cold fingers at the barn are never good kerrits circuit fleece glovesand can easily be avoided with these gloves. They have a slim fit so you can hold your reins and use your hands without any extra bulk getting in the way, while the fleece insulation does a great job of keeping your fingers warm.  Additionally, they are made to go with the Circuit Fleece Half-Zip, so you’ll coordinate beautifully!

Putting together a fall or winter riding outfit that is simultaneously warm, functional and stylish is easy with the Kerrits® line this year. From breeches to gloves, there is something perfect for every wardrobe area you need covered.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Kerrits® apparel piece is this fall!

In the Saddle with William Micklem: Building a Better Bridle


micklem bridle

The Micklem bridle has seen large success since its introduction, appearing on horses more and more frequently. Designed to fit the shape of the horse’s skull, the Micklem bridle is intended to be the most comfortable bridle for the horse, making it very effective. We were thrilled to be able to talk with William Micklem recently about the development of his bridle, what makes it unique, and what’s to come. Continue reading

Brands We Love: Tailored Sportsman

tailored sportsman A good show ensemble is an absolute must for every rider, particularly those who plan to compete often. While some styles of show attire go in and out of show ring fashion, Tailored Sportsman produces a line that is timeless- both in design and durability. While Tailored Sportsman is most well known for their breeches, the brand also produces elegant show shirts and competition coats to complete your horse show look.

Here are some of the stylish staples from Tailored Sportsman you need to fill your horse show closet with:

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Why a Barn Bag is What You’re Missing

boot bag

Horseback riding requires a lot of tack and associated items like helmets, boots and extra clothing for yourself. You may not always be able to leave everything you need at your barn, but a variety of bags specifically designed for aiding in the storage and transport of your tack and accessories are available to solve the problem. You’ll find barn bags are available in many fashionable styles, with some even offering custom options to match them to your barn colors. Whether you’re going straight to the barn from work and need a change of clothes, have nowhere climate controlled to store your helmet at the stable, or are heading off to compete at a horse show, a barn bag exists to hold whatever you need to take with you.

Here are a few barn bags that will make your trips to the stable much more organized, while keeping all your equipment clean and neat:

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Horse Show Prep – Ensure Your Horse’s Coat Shines


Among all the preparations that go into getting ready for a show, cleaning up your horse is a big item to check off the list. It’s important to look your best when you enter the ring, regardless of your discipline, and the appearance of your horse is a major part of the overall picture. Your horse’s tail should appear long, thick and neat, with mane pulled, combed or braided. Overall coat condition should be rich and sheen from a habit of healthy grooming, exercise and nutrition, along with high quality grooming products. Luckily, a new company, Ponytail, has launched a high-end grooming collection of shampoos, conditioners, and other helpful items to get your horse’s coat to shimmer and make your horse show prep easier.

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Dublin Boots- From Stable to Style

Dublin logo

Riding boots are somewhat unique in the footwear world. They must blend practicality for use while riding and working around the barn, with style for wearing with pride. Dublin boots do this perfectly, supplying barn-durable boots in a wide variety of popular styles and fashions. Dublin boots are designed to give you high performance and comfort in a stylish boot that you can wear all day, whether you are at the barn or out around town.

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Helmet Crash Replacements – Save Your Wallet, Too

helmet crash

Protective helmets are not merely a fashionable accessory while mounted, their use on show grounds is mandated by the U.S.E.F. and the F.E.I . When riding a horse, there is always a chance of a fall for any multitude of reasons, and afterwards there is a lot to think about. Are you ok? Is your horse? Why did the fall happen? Could it have been avoided? What exercises can you work on to lower the chances of a fall again? The last thing you want to be thinking about is, “how can I afford a new helmet to replace this one?”

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Equestrian Brands We Love: Goode Rider

Goode Rider

Do you have a “barn section” of your closet? Many of us do. The clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty, the ones meant to wear around the barn for ventilation and protection, and certainly not to be mixed with your good daily wear clothes. But what if you didn’t have to separate fashion and function? Goode Rider offers you just that.

Started by two women who were tired of wearing horse-riding clothes that gave no attention to style, Goode Rider focuses on providing clothing that can make the transition from a day spent in the saddle to an evening around town, without sacrificing comfort and functionality. They offer clothing in current fashions with practical features, including four-way stretch material and stain resistance, which we know is necessary at the barn. These exemplary products from the Goode Rider line are a few of our favorites:

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Seven Must-Have Dressage Accessories for the Competition Arena

Riding a dressage test successfully involves countless hours of practice with your horse as well as a lot of other prep work to get ready for your big moment. Once you are done packing all your riding essentials, you might want to consider a few finishing touches to personalize your look to your taste. You can also improve your riding experience by bringing the right accessories with you to the competition.

The next time you head out to compete, remember to pack these easy-to-forget items:

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Spotlight on Ice Horse™ Cold Therapy Products

The Ice Horse™ Brand

For over 15 years, Ice Horse™ has lead the way in designing Equine Cold Therapy products. Made in the USA, their innovative wraps, boots, and cooling machines have defined product standards and garnered international acclaim from vets and riders alike. Ice Horse™ is dedicated to creating products designed to prevent injury and speed recovery for equine athletes. The multi-disciplinary team of Ice Horse™ sponsored riders includes some of the best competitors the sport has to offer.

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