Our good friends over at Finish Line Horse Products INC, recently published an interesting study regarding their U-7 Gastric Aid product – They’ve been kind enough to compose a write up and share their results with all of you. Take a look!

Drugs or antacids? That’s what we usually have to choose from when our horse has ulcers. Not anymore. Now there is a natural product that has been clinically studied by one of the most prominent equine ulcer specialists in America—and the results are impressive!

Dr. Scott McClure, DVM, PhD, DACVS was the scientist who did important research on omeprazole (Gastroguard, Ulcerguard) and its effect on equine ulcers.

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about riding socks so we reached out to our good friends over at Mountain Horse® for some helpful information! Let us know what you think!

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Fact: All equestrians wear boots. It doesn’t matter in which discipline you ride or the type of boots you ride in, we all wear boots — cowboy boots, paddock boots, tall boots, work boots, muck boots, groom boots. And since you wear boots, you’ve got to wear socks. When it comes to the comfort of your feet, socks are almost as important as the boots you wear. Many times, we blame a shoe or boot for “not working right” when, in fact, it’s probably the sock you’re wearing.

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How to Fit for an Equestrian Riding Helmet

In honor of Helmet Awareness Week we will be sharing valuable information about helmets with all of you all week! The first installment covers how to properly fit your riding helmet.

Does your riding helmet fit well?

A well-fitting riding helmet should fit snugly and not rock from side to side or from front to back. As helmets age they may not fit as well and may need to be replaced. Alternatively you could consider a helmet replacement liner. The first step to make sure that you get a helmet that fits is to measure your head correctly!

A little while ago we actually put together a post on How to Measure your Head for a Helmet. Follow these guidelines to measure your own head or ask a friend to help or go into any Dover Saddlery store for a helmet fitting. After you know your correct size you can have fun choosing a new riding helmet from the huge selection at Dover Saddlery.

Pessoa’s Revolutionary AMS Panel System!

Dover_061413_Pessoa_fbWe love Pessoa’s revolutionary AMS Panel system – No more lumps, bumps or hotspots! See our entire collection of Pessoa Saddles by clicking here!

For those who prefer the versatility of a flocked panel, Pessoa is pleased to offer the AMS system. This innovative panel is stuffed with a high quality, durable synthetic flocking material and can be re-fitted and re-stuffed as needed by a qualified saddler.

The benefit of AMS is the smooth, breathable neoprene lining against the horse which helps reduce bumps and pressure points sometimes found in flocked saddles.

Learn all about the AMS system!

The uvex Perfexxion Active Helmet — the Ultimate Hunter/Jumper Helmet

Check out the uvex Perfexxion Active Helmet!

With a design appropriate for all disciplines, the uvex Perfexxion Active Helmet** offers a personalized fit, exceptional ventilation and superior impact absorption. This lightweight, hand-tooled riding helmet can be adapted individually to the head shape in length, width and height for a completely individualized fit. **ASTM F1163-04a/SEI certified.

You’ll find this and other equestrian riding helmets at or at your area Dover retail location.