Show Up in a Great Show Shirt

Soft, smooth, lightweight and full of advanced technologies, riding shirt fabrics get better every year. Performance properties built into or applied to the fibers of technical fabrics give riders competition shirts that deliver multiple benefits. While all technical fabrics are not created equal, you’ll find these assets in most show shirts across most brands:

  • Moisture wicking: Fabric actively pulls perspiration away from your skin toward the exterior surface where it can evaporate efficiently.
  • Breathability: Fabric is constructed to allow body vapors to pass through to the exterior, keeping you feeling drier and more comfortable.
  • Quick drying: Fabric washes easily and feels dry to the touch rapidly. Quick-dry properties are exceptionally helpful for multi-day shows, as you can rinse a show shirt at night have a dry shirt by morning.
  • Active stretch: Fabrics are made with elastic in the fibers and/or constructed to provide two- or four-way stretch. Some elasticity is more extreme than others, but all performance fabrics are designed to promote your freedom of movement.
  • Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating: UPF is the rating system applied to apparel. It tells you how much a fabric can protect you from UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. The higher the rating, the higher level of overall protection it provides. A UPF rating of 15–20 is adequate, 25–35 very good and 40+ is excellent at preventing UV transmission through the fabric to your skin.

With the relaxation of some competition apparel rules, riding shirts this year come in colors and microprints that truly reflect your personality when you slip out of your show coat. Strategic comfort features, such as mesh or lace inserts for extra airflow, are also increasingly stylish. Here are some notable new favorites we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

Beacon Hill: New Stain- and Odor-Resistant Fabric
Beacon Hill by Essex Classics recreated their best-selling classic wrap-collar show shirt in new UPF 50+ rated fabric that stretches, wicks—and provides odor and stain resistance! Now show-day stress and spills won’t ruin your shirt. Cooling mesh under-sleeve panels and pretty trims make it a must-have whether you opt for the long sleeve or short sleeve style.

Fair Play®: Chic Shirt Made with Recycled Fibers
Concerned for the environment, Fair Play introduced technical fabrics made with recycled fibers into their feminine yet athletic designs. The Alexis Long Sleeve Show Shirt is one example; its elastic, eco-friendly fabric wicks, breathes and protects against UV rays. Stylish elastic-lace inserts increase airflow, while embroidery and crystals make standout finishing touches.

R.J. Classics: Microprint Fabric & Perforated Panels
The Liv Long Sleeve Show Shirt by R.J. Classics carries extra style into the show ring with a sophisticated snaffle bit-themed microprint. Luxurious technical fabric rated UPF 50+ offers all the performance benefits you crave, and it pairs beautifully with perforated panels that boost breathability.

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