Guest Blog: EquiOtic™ – The “Real” Approach to Equine Probiotics


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Curious about introducing probiotics into your horse’s nutrition plan? Hear from EquiOtic themselves to answer all of your questions about the difference between EquiOtic and other probiotics available— and how you can help support your horse’s gastrointestinal health to the fullest!


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The Difference in Equiotic
EquiOtic is real equine gastrointestinal bacteria. This single fact sets it apart from every other equine probiotic on the market. But there’s more. The bacteria in EquiOtic are Equine Lactobacillus reuteri, DNA-typed for consistency. These bacteria work in ways other bacteria simply do not.

While most other probiotic bacteria start to die in the horse’s stomach, EquiOtic’s bacteria begin to grow. They multiply rapidly, preventing pathogens from adhering to theEquiotic Equine Bacteria intestinal mucosa. The Equine L. reuteri secrete a metabolite that stimulates immune response and modulates the remaining bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.


The GI Support Your Horse Needs
What does this mean to you as a horse owner? It means your horse receives better support for a healthy GI tract, which in turns helps create a healthier horse. This is the reason many team riders and international competitors rely on EquiOtic for their competitive horses. A healthier mucosal lining means less irritation all the way to the hindgut. For older horses, it helps digestion for better absorption of nutrients in feed.

At the end of the day, everybody uses the term, “natural.” What is more natural than actual equine bacteria? Horses have around 76 trillion CFU’s of gastrointestinal bacteria. When you give EquiOtic, you support those bacteria with the best source there is. Click here to shop EquiOtic for your horse and start seeing the difference today!

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For more information call 1-800-989-1500, or stop by any of our retail stores to speak with a Dover Saddlery product adviser. Visit for a complete store listing and the full product offering.

How to Dress the “Super-Sensitive” Horse for Fly Season

Most of us know a horse that absolutely hates bugs. Even the sight of a bug has him stomping, flinching, and swishing his tail all day long. Some horses, such as Thoroughbreds, have very sensitive skin and get easily irritated by flies and other insects in turnout. A susceptible horse like this may need the complete coverage of a fly sheet, fly mask, fly boots and fly spray, or any combination of these, to stay comfortable. Does this sound like your horse? Check out a few of our suggestions for products that go beyond your everyday fly spray and can help you and your horse beat the bugs this summer.


Full Coverage Fly Sheet

Horseware’s Amigo® Evolution Fly Sheet offers excellent protection from flies and the sun’s harmful rays. This fly sheet comes in a bright aqua and orange color combination, two colors that naturally deter flies. Most insects cannot perceive the colors orange or aqua because their vision centers on different sections of the electromagnetic spectrum. Use of this science-based color technology offers natural fly protection for your horse, and the lightweight polyester net material makes it perfect for those hot summer days outside.

Horseware Fly Sheet



Fly Wraps/Boots

Dover Saddlery Fly Wraps

Dover Saddlery® Fly Wraps are perfect for keeping your horse’s legs free from pests. They are made of a lightweight mesh to keep your horse cool, with soft shearling bindings to prevent rubs. They also have double binding at the bottom to keep dirt out. These wraps can stay on constantly for 24-hour fly protection, and they come in a set of four. It is always a good idea to remove these boots daily to check your horse’s legs and to readjust for an ideal fit.




Fly MasksRider's International Fly Mask

You can’t go wrong with a fly mask. Depending on how much coverage your horse needs, there are many different meshes that provide varied levels of UV protection and visibility for your horse. The Rider’s International® by Dover Saddlery® Soft Mesh Fly Mask has heavy, durable mesh to protect your horse’s face, and soft mesh lined with fleece to protect his ears. This fly mask also comes in cool colors to express your horse’s unique personality!



Visit for a complete product offering of fly protection and gear. Whether you need a long nose fly mask, a full coverage fly sheet, or fly traps for around the barn, you can find it all in our expansive Fly Control selection here.


How Entire Diet Builds Better Hooves

hoof growthKentucky Equine Research discusses what factors into hoof growth and how you can aid your horse’s hooves in growing strong and healthy.

Hoof growth in horses is determined by several factors, including genetics, age, breed, exercise, metabolic rate, illness, temperature, environmental moisture, shoeing and trimming. Building strong hooves can take anywhere from six to twelve months. If a horse has dull and brittle hooves, a reliable way to improve the quality of its hooves would be through balanced nutrition. To achieve this, a total diet reconfiguration may be in order. Continue reading