The Keys to Successful Body Clipping

hi shine shampooAlthough it feels like just yesterday we were covered in freshly shed horse hair, it’s now time to start thinking about clipping again!  Here are a few key tips that will help the clipping process go smoothly from start to finish.

magic sheen

Make sure your horse is meticulously clean.  Not a hint of dirt or dust.  You don’t need to worry so much about stains, but make sure his coat is clean and all of the shampoo is washed away.   Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo is designed to thoroughly clean your horse, and leave a mirror like shine.  This post-shampoo shine will help your horse sparkle after clipping.  Hi Shine Shampoo is also easily rinsed off, ensuring there is no residue left on your horse to interfere with a perfect clipping.  As he is drying, use Magic Sheen Polish to slick up his coat.  This acts as a dirt repellent and it creates a sleek surface for your clippers to glide through, reducing the amount of time you spend clipping.

Speaking of clippers, make sure the clipper blades are sharp and rust-free. Use the

clipper oil that comes with your clippers in addition to any spray coolants and lubricant that you have. The oil is more important than the spray lubricant.  Check your blades often for heat and lubricate often with oil.  You may want to have a spare blade on hand to switch out if necessary.

When you are finished clipping, you may find that your horse is a bit itchy.  Weather depending, you may be able to turn him out for a nice roll, in which case you can certainly shampoo again with Hi Shine to remove any last bits of hair and new bits of dirt that your horse has rolled in.  Your horse’s shine will also start to come back after clipping!

easy out

Using Magic Sheen daily to boost shine has another bonus- stain repelling!  As the days get shorter and colder, it’s not easy to keep your horse clean with bathing.  Magic Sheen creates a barrier for stains on your horse, and allows them to be easily curried and removed.  For extra tough stains on your horse during no-bathing months, a spritz of Shapley’s Easy Out does the trick.

Happy clipping, and don’t forget to clean your clipper blades and oil them again before storage.

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