Meet the Dover Staff – Lisa Imperato

lisa imperato

Photo by Howard Schatzberg

This week on our Meet the Staff series we introduce you to one of our Junior Buyer’s, Lisa Imperato!

Q) What is Your Role at Dover Saddlery?
A)  I am a junior buyer and I have several categories that I manage from the initial product design and selection, to the placement in the catalog, on the web and in stores. There’s a few more steps involved, but that is the simple version of what I do. So those horse boots you use and the gloves you wear, are both items that I picked out just for you!

Q) How Long Have You Been Riding?
A)  It seems like yesterday, but I have actually been riding 28 years! My parents gifted me with riding lessons for my eighth birthday and I have been riding ever since.

Q) What Discipline Do You Ride?
A)  I have dabbled in all of them from western pleasure and barrel racing to hunter/jumpers, dressage and a little eventing in college. I competed with my horse, Statesmans Windancer, in dressage and hunter/jumpers for several years on the Morgan circuit, but now he is happily retired in my backyard at age 26.

Q) What’s Your Favorite Riding Memory?
A)  My favorite memory is the day my horse came home after I had purchased him. I had been riding other people’s horses for 13 years and it was finally my turn to own one! I had scrimped and saved up the money and had basically had this horse as a project during my college internship. We had instantly bonded and I felt I had found my “soul pony” as I like to call him. I have now had him for 15 years and I still remember seeing him walk off the trailer and the previous owner handing me the lead!

Three amigos

Lisa’s 3 Horses at Home

Q) What’s Your Favorite Product?
A)  I love all my Back on Track products!  I use my wrist brace and the scarf regularly, and Dancer loves his Saddle Pad! Speaking for myself, these products really do help to relieve muscle tension and pain. And Dancer is definitely more comfortable and less tight in his back when I use the pad for our occasional jaunts around the property.

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