Guest Blog: EquiFit, Inc. GelCompression Therapy Line

equifit gel compression bootsWe were excited when EquiFit® said they wanted to share all the great information about their GelCompression Therapy Line of horse boots. Read on to see how this line can help your horse before and after exercise, as well as in rehabilitation.

EquiFits GelCompression Therapy Line is designed to reduce inflammation, control swelling and decrease the risk of injury. Ideal for rehabilitation and post-exercise treatment, this unique product line is designed to simplify cold/hot therapy with adjustable air compression.

equifit gel compression bootEasy to use, removable GelPaks adhere to an outer shell that provides optional air compression via a hand pump. GelPaks can be placed in the freezer or microwave, and retain intense cold/heat while conforming and remaining pliable. The GelCompression Therapy Line eliminates the bulk of machines and cables associated with traditional cold therapy, making it one of the easiest and most effective cold therapy products on the market today.

2011 Pan American Games Team & Individual Gold Medalist, Christine McCrea, reports: “GelCompression is the easiest cold therapy boot around and it offers a natural fit to every horse’s legs . . . It couldnt be simpler!

Another EquiFit rider, Callan Solem, says that GelCompression has become a staple in the pre/post show routine for all my Grand Prix horses, because these boots are easy to use and easy to transport!
Check out the TendonBoots™  from the GelCompression Therapy Line at Dover Saddlery today!

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