Stay Warm – Best Winter Riding Jackets

winter riding jacketsWhether you are picking up your first winter riding jacket or replacing an old one with a new style, you’ll find a range of options to suit your taste and meet your needs. Just like horse blankets, winter riding jackets come in different weights to ensure comfort in varying temperatures. To prepare for the cold chill of winter, here are some of our warmest jackets to keep you toasty in even the most arctic cold:

  • Mountain Horse® Windsor Jacketmountain horse windsor jacketWaterproof yet breathable, this jacket will keep you dry in snow or cold winter rains. A detachable hood offers additional protection from the elements when you’re outside, while stretchy sleeve cuffs inside the shell keep out drafts. As a bonus, this jacket has many pockets to securely store all your essentials while you ride and work around the barn. Lined with soft fleece, this jacket truly makes you feel enveloped in cozy warmth.
  • mountain horse belvedere coatMountain Horse Belvedere CoatIf you wish you could wear a sleeping bag or wrap yourself in a blanket as you head to the barn, this is the coat for you! Filled with down all the way to your thighs, this jacket offers almost full body protection from the cold. To allow for comfort in the saddle, this jacket features a slit up the center of the back. A protective design prevents the zipper from scratching saddle leather. Not sure about the longer length of this winter riding coat? It comes in a shorter jacket length as well.
  • Riding Sport™ 3-in-1 Jacketriding sport 3-in-1 jacket Appreciate the ability to shed layers as you warm up? The 3-in-1 Jacket from Riding Sport is perfect for anyone who values adjustability. The outer shell performs as a rain coat on its own, while the inner layer makes a perfect medium weight jacket when worn alone. Attached, the layers become a supremely warm, waterproof jacket for cold winter days. Small features you’ll love include a pocket on the sleeve for keys or money, a stowaway detachable hood, hook-and-loop cuff closures and a drawstring waist to keep out chills.
  • under armour coldgear jacketUnder Armour® ColdGear® Infrared Uptown JacketSatisfy your athletic side with Under Armour’s ColdGear technology. The lining of this jacket is thermo-conductive, which helps retain your body heat to keep you warm for longer periods of time. The exterior protects you from wind and rain while down fill adds warmth, all without creating bulk. A great jacket for riding, barn chores or around town.

No matter what your style preference, we are sure you’ll find a winter riding jacket to keep you comfortable and exceptionally warm all winter long.

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