A Dover Saddlery Halloween

Grey horse dressed up in pirate Halloween costume.

This year, the Dover Saddlery staff celebrated Halloween with our furry, four-legged friends! Grab some leftover Halloween candy and enjoy a look at some of our employees’ pets’ Halloween costumes from Halloween 2019.

1. Have no fear, Underdog is here!

Meet Cowboy, a.k.a Underdog. He belongs to Customer Service Supervisor, Jen T.

Dog dressed up in superhero "Underdog" Halloween costume.

2. Arya-saurus

Arya, owned by Web Department Customer Service Supervisor, Emilie S., snoozed in her dinosaur costume.

Black dog laying down dressed up in green dinosaur Halloween costume.

3. Finley Behind Bars

Finley, owned by Victoria L. in Inventory Control, dressed up as a pet inmate. His crime: eating cat food!

Brown dog dressed up in a white and black inmate Halloween costume.

4. Big, Bad, Wolf

Tuukka got into the Halloween spirit dressed as the Big, Bad, Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood — disguised as Grandma! His owner, Kelsey B., splits her time between Purchasing and Amazon Fulfillment.

Husky dressed in Big, Bad, Wolf/Granny Halloween costume.

5. Pumpkin Pups

Three of our Dover Saddlery dogs dressed up as pumpkins this year! Ferrari (top) is Senior Digital Marketing Manager Ashly S.’s new puppy. Hank (middle) belongs to Christopher M., Vice President of Merchandising Operations. Roscoe (bottom) is owned by Katie T., Digital Marketing Commerce Coordinator.

Brown puppy dressed in a pumpkin Halloween costume.
White bull dog wearing an orange pumpkin shirt as a Halloween costume.
Small white dog dressed in orange and black pumpkin Halloween costume.

6. Moo!

Larkin, owned by Hannah O., our Industrial Engineer, loved showing off her spotted cow costume.

Grey mini pitbull sitting on a chair dressed as a cow.

7. Hot-Doggos

We had two good-lookin hot dogs in the office! Finn (top) belongs to Digital Marketing Specialist Lauren K. Finn and Lauren (dressed as mustard) won first prize in Dover Saddlery’s doggy Halloween costume competition. Willy (bottom) thought his costume looked so delicious that he shredded it before the day was done. Willy’s owner is Nicole R., Engraving Department Supervisor.

Dog dressed up in hot dog Halloween costume.
Corgi dressed in hot dog Halloween costume.

8. Franklin the Friendly Ghost

Our only feline costume this year: Franklin dressed as a ghost. Franklin belongs to Teresa M., Merchant. His other costumes include a unicorn and Princess Leia.

White cat wearing a white ghost Halloween costume.

9. Winter is Coming

Dr. Pepper, dressed up as a Game of Thrones dragon, belongs to Cheryl D., Quality/Inventory Control. Pepper was accompanied by Cheryl’s husband, dressed as Jon Snow.

Black dog dressed as a Game of Thrones dragon accompanied by a man dressed in a Jon Snow Halloween costume.

10. Pirate Pony

Last but certainly not least, we have Digital Marketing Specialist Lauren K.’s horse, Dempsey, dressed as a pirate!

White horse dressed up as a pirate for Halloween.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the Dover Saddlery pets dressed up for Halloween! We love seeing your animals as well, so tag us in your pictures with the hashtag, #itsfromdover.

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