Crash Helmet Replacement: Treat Yourself to a Bright Future

From classic to trendy, riding helmets come in all sorts of designs. Your choice of helmet—after finding the perfect fit—reflects your sense of style. But it’s much more than a fashion accessory.

Every ASTM/SEI Certified riding helmet meets standards created to reduce your chances of severe head injury in the event of a fall. Use of a helmet is so important that it’s mandated by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) for mounted riders on show grounds. Some professional and amateur horse handlers choose to wear a helmet while working or showing horses in hand or while lungeing.

A fall or an unexpected knock on the head from a horse can happen to any rider at any time. After any incident in which your helmet received an impact, it should always be replaced even if it appears undamaged. Protective materials inside any helmet can perform their job successfully only once. After absorbing shock and dispersing impact, they are severely compromised and are unable to work optimally in the future. Using a damaged helmet puts you at high risk.

Riders often hesitate to replace a helmet due to cost concerns. That’s why helmet manufactures, sympathetic to this concern, actively support the idea of never riding in a helmet that has sustained a crash.

All helmet manufacturers offer crash helmet replacement policies. They allow you to get a replacement helmet at a portion of the cost of a new helmet. Generally, you’ll be required to send your original receipt, an accident report form or letter explaining the incident, along with the crashed helmet. But make sure you follow the specifics for each manufacturer.

To make it easy for you to get started replacing your crash helmet, we’ve outlined differences in helmet ages and contact information for some of our manufacturers below. First and foremost, whenever you purchase a riding helmet, save your receipt and any manufacturer’s tags or documentation that accompanies it! Be sure to fill out and send in any product warranty card or registration.

Let Dover Saddlery Help You
If you purchased your Charles Owen, GPA or Uvex helmet from us, we can help you with your crash helmet replacement. Just give us a call or come into one of our many stores. The following guidelines apply, by brand:

  • Charles Owen: Helmet must have been purchased within the last 3 years; the age of helmet determines discount on the replacement.
  • GPA:  Helmet must have been purchased within the last year.
  • Uvex:  Helmet must have been purchased within the last 3 years; the age of helmet determines discount on the replacement.

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