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Both you and your horse are athletes and should take care of your bodies as such. Products from Back on Track can help support joints and muscles and keep you and your horse active and comfortable. These products generate infrared heat radiation, which increases blood flow, helping to relieve sore muscles while decreasing chances of injury.  Back on Track makes their products with textiles that have ceramic particles fused into the fibers. When these fabrics are worn, the body heats up the fabric and the ceramic particles radiate that heat back onto the person or animal wearing it. Because the ceramic particles are part of the fabric, they never wash out and the product never becomes less effective, even with daily use.

Back on Track infrared heat radiation can be beneficial to your horse, but also to you, and there are great products for horse and human alike. Here are a few of our favorites:

For Your Horse:

  • Back on Track Ceramic Mesh SheetA ceramic mesh sheet is a great tool to warm up your horse’s back prior to exercise. This sheet can also be left on overnight to sooth and loosen up muscles and help improve performance, although it is important to introduce your horse to wearing a heat radiation sheet gradually at first. While this sheet works to reflect heat back onto your horse, it is also very breathable, which will add to your horse’s comfort as he wears it.
  • Back on Track Exercise BootsMade with a neoprene exterior to repel dirt and gravel, the interior of these horse boots features a cotton polyester blend with ceramic particles woven in. Blood circulation is stimulated through heat radiation, keeping lower leg muscles loose and comfortable, while the tendons and bones are supported by the close contact of the boot. Similar to the sheet, if you have long rides you should introduce these boots slowly so your horse can become accustomed to their beneficial effects.

For You:

  • Back on Track Back BraceWe all know that riding can take a toll on your back at times. The back brace from Back on Track uses the same infrared heat radiation as its equine products to help alleviate back pain in humans. The back brace is designed with a slim cut and fit so you can wear it while riding, doing barn chores or any other time your back could use some support and pain relief.
  • Back on Track Scarf In the cold weather many of us wear scarves daily for an added boost of warmth and protection against the chill.  The Back on Track scarf allows you to benefit your body and sore neck and shoulders while wearing a stylish scarf! Ceramic particles are melted into the fabric of this scarf to radiate heat back towards you. Additionally, it is sized generously so you can wear it around your neck or draped over your shoulders like a shawl.

With an array of beneficial products for you and your horse, there is no need to be uncomfortable or sore. Try out one of the ceramic infrared heat therapy products from Back on Track, feel the difference in yourself and see the difference in your horse.

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