Tips from the Tack Room: Cohesive Bandage Use

Barn TipsSlippery farm tool with an uncomfortable hold? Get a grip!

Cohesive elastic bandage, such as Vetrap™, Co-Flex® and PowerFlex®, can be used to create or replace grips on farm tools, brooms, yard tools—even hammers. Wrap the bandage around the handle of the tool to enjoy a cushiony, rubbery hold right where you want it.

Note: a cohesive bandage is a must-have first aid essential to have on hand. If you’re lucky, you’ll never need this item for an injury or hoof abscess, and your roll of bandage will lie around for years. That’s the perfect one to use to create a grip on a tool. Over time and with exposure to varying temperatures, cohesive bandages can become slightly compressed or less elastic. For optimal use in a first aid application, regularly replace an old roll with a fresh one.

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