How to Enhance Your Riding Arena

A large outdoor arena with white dressage letter cones and tan arena footing. There is a white fence around the perimeter of the fence.

It’s December, time for extra merriment and fun! Our thoughts have turned to ways we can spruce up our riding areas to keep our horses’ environments attractive, engaging and stimulating. As this gift-giving season, too, who knows? Some of these ideas might make perfect presents for your favorite rider.

By incorporating thoughtful decorations, practical obstacles and appealing elements, you can transform any riding arena or area into a captivating space that promotes learning, mind and body conditioning, concentration and enjoyment.

  1. Add dressage cones. No matter your riding discipline, dressage letters are a simple way to expand on or create training exercises. While you guide your horse through patterns, figures and transitions based on letter locations, you can hone your aids and improve your horse’s suppleness. Dressage letter towers can hold flowers or plants—a great opportunity to add seasonal color year-round. Choose non-toxic plants or plastic varieties for horse safety and weather resistance.
  2. Install attractive and functional obstacles. Whether you add ground poles, Rail Razors, cavaletti, Jump Blocks or fences, introducing obstacles to your riding arena enhances visual appeal and offers mental and physical stimulation for your horse.

  3. Turn on some music. Install speakers around the arena to play calming music or natural sounds, which can help relax and focus both you and your horse. Prefer a lively experience? Upbeat music—as long as it isn’t too loud—just may inspire your horse’s cadence.

  4. Enhance the surroundings naturally. Consider planting (non-toxic) flowers or ornamental grasses around the perimeter of your outdoor ring. These natural elements can add vibrancy and tranquility to your arena space.

  5. Incorporate wall décor. Consider hanging equestrian-themed photographs, banners or flags. The entrance to your arena is a perfect spot for a customized sign with a welcome message or a stable name. Such decorative touches create a sense of pride and attachment to the space.
A white dressage letter cone the the letters M and G on it with colorful artificial flowers coming out of the top.
A set of four jumps stacked in ascending order. The front jump has a green gate with white and red jump standards. The jumps behind it are completely white.
Blue jump blocks are stacked one on top of the other on either side with white poles in the middle to make a jump.

While you create an equine oasis for you and your horse to enjoy, remember to keep an eye on safety aspects. Allow plenty of space to move around obstacles and be sure to introduce your horse to new things with care.

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