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horseback riding pain

We all know riding is a very physical activity. While your main goals may often be focused on building your horse’s stamina and muscle, the time you spend in the saddle and around the barn is taxing on your own body as well. If your horse is sore, injured or just needs a little preventative support after a tough workout, you apply liniments, wraps, ice or any range of other treatments to help him feel better and be ready to keep working as the athlete he is. Why not do the same for yourself?

If you are injured or experiencing pain, you should always consult a doctor, but a little icing or heat can often go a long way towards alleviating horseback riding pain and keeping your body in top shape. Here are a few common areas horseback riding pain is experienced that you may wish to pay attention to and treat with ice or heat occasionally:

  • Back – Does your horse have a bouncy trot? ice rider back therapyWhat about a big jump? Maybe you’re just really working on perfecting your equitation? There are many reasons we riders experience pain in our backs, with aches often gathering in our lower backs which take a lot of the compression of our movement in the saddle. Ice Rider Lower Back Therapy lumbar wrap is perfect to help minor muscle aches or pains as well as provide relief for chronic back pain. Two packs contained inside the wrap can be placed in your freezer for use cold or heated for use hot. These packs will mold to your body for a comfortable fit and will stay secure against you within the wrap’s fabric.
  • Knees – The shock absorber of your body, your knee takes on a lot of strain when you ride. Acting as a supportive pivot joint as you post, hold your half seat and even just as you sit in the saddle, this is an area that acts up on a lot of riders. The Ice Rider Knee Therapy wrap features compression straps to allow you to custom fit it to your own leg. Your knee will remain mobile while the wrap is on, so you can even wear it while doing things around the barn like grooming your horse or cleaning tack.
  • ice rider shoulder wrapShoulders – Even if you don’t have a horse that is heavy in your hand or strong against the bit, you may find your shoulders sore. All the work your arms do around a barn- lifting saddles onto backs, stacking hay into lofts or bringing in that feisty horse who wants to get to his grain –can tax your shoulders. Give yourself a bit of relief with the Ice Rider Shoulder Wrap, which can provide ice or heat therapy in addition to any professional treatment being done.
  • Other Joints – Some other joints that often become stiff or painful from riding and barn work are ankles and elbows. The Ice Rider Elbow/Ankle wrap molds to the different areas of your body for perfect coverage while you ice or apply heat to your aches.

All of the Ice Rider wraps mentioned here, which are made by Ice Horse, are a very easy way to supplement any professional treatment you are receiving for aches and pains. All are able to be used as cold or hot therapy and are simple to secure on and remove after use. The ice packs included with wraps are reusable and will stay cold and effective for over two hours of use, helping you to experience the relief and preventative care you want. Invest in ice wraps for yourself and take just as good care of yourself as you do your horse!

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