Helmet Crash Replacements—What to Do Before and After a Fall

helmet crash replacementAlthough a riding helmet can make a fashion statement reflective of your personal style, it’s far from a simple accessory. Use of a protective helmet is always wise for riding, and in fact is mandated by the U.S.E.F. and the F.E.I. for mounted riders on show grounds. Some horse handlers even choose to wear a helmet for lungeing or while working with young or fractious horses on the ground as an added precaution.

A fall can happen by any rider from any horse at any time. When it does, the rider is checked out, the horse is checked out and plans to avoid a similar occurrence in the future are usually made. The next step should always be to replace the crash helmet even if it appears to be intact. The protective materials inside the helmet, which have performed their job successfully once, can be severely compromised and unable to work properly in the future.

Often, riders want to avoid replacing a helmet because of the cost. Helmet manufactures are sympathetic to this concern. They actively try to enforce that you should never ride again in a helmet that sustained a crash, and to this end, all offer wonderful crash replacement policies. These crash helmet policies allow you to get a replacement helmet a fraction of the cost in the event of a fall where your helmet is impacted. Generally, you will need to send your original receipt, an accident report form or letter explaining the incident and the crashed helmet, but make sure you follow the specifics for each manufacturer.

We’ve outlined differences in helmet ages and contact information for some of our manufacturers below, so you know where to start if you find yourself needing a replacement. But first and foremost, whenever you purchase a riding helmet, save your receipt and any manufacturer’s tags or documentation that accompanies it!

Let Dover Saddlery Help You
GPA, Charles Owen and Uvex helmet crash replacements can be done through Dover Saddlery if you purchased your helmet with us. Just give us a call or come into one of our many stores.

  • GPA:  Helmet must be purchased within the last year.
  • Charles Owen:  Helmet must be purchased within the last 3 years; the  age of helmet determines discount on the replacement.
  • Uvex:  Helmet must be purchased within the last 3 years; the  age of helmet determines discount on the replacement.

 Contact Manufactures Directly

3 thoughts on “Helmet Crash Replacements—What to Do Before and After a Fall

  1. Thanks for this post. Any suggestions for best practices when you’ve purchased a helmet from a manufacturer that offers a replacement program but that takes up to 3 weeks to process the replacement request? Obviously know we shouldn’t ride in a compromised helmet, but no one wants to stay out of the saddle that long while we wait for our new one.

  2. My daughter is away at school and needs a new helmet. What is the best way to purchase the correct size for her if she cannot try it on ?

  3. I’ve worn a helmet for 20 years without incident. Last year I was bucked off my new horse and landed in a rock bed, on my head. I was unconscious for 45 minutes and had a severe concussion. My helmet was cracked in 2 places inside. The doctor said the helmet saved my life!
    Wear your helmet, every ride, every time!

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