Happy St. Patty’s Day – Dover & Horseware Ireland Contest

UPDATE: We are happy to announce the LUCKY winners of our St. Patty’s Day special give-away!

Grand Prize – Horseware Ireland Bridle
– Emma M.

Runner Ups – ‘LUCKY’ InkStable Socks
– Natalie Fabbri
– Katie Hughes
– Hallie Austin

Congratulations winners! We will be contacting you via email to coordinate the shipping of your prize!

Thank you to all who entered & good luck next time!

Dover Saddlery and Horseware Ireland contest giveaway st pattys dayTo celebrate, we are happy to announce Dover’s St. Patty’s Day special give-away contest compliments of our friends at Horseware Ireland!

  • 1 LUCKY winner will receive the Horseware Ireland Micklem Competition Bridle.
  • 3 runner-ups will receive a pair of ‘LUCKY’ InkStable Socks.

How do you enter? It’s simple!

  1. Write a comment below, on our St. Patty’s Day blog post, on what your ‘lucky charm’ is when you compete in a show.
  2. Be sure to fill in your name & email address so we can contact you if you win!

Make sure to check out our Facebook page next Friday (3/22/13) to see if YOU were the LUCKY winner!

Only 1 entry per person. Blog comment must be posted by 11:59PM EST on 3/21/13. No purchase necessary. Winner must reside in the continental United States and be 13 years or older. Judge’s decision is final. Facebook is in no way connected with this contest.

521 thoughts on “Happy St. Patty’s Day – Dover & Horseware Ireland Contest

  1. My “lucky charm” is my horsehair bracelet of the horse I used to ride, who passed away several years ago. I miss him, but knowing that he’s “there” with me helps me overcome any show jitters!

    • My lucky charm is the horse that I am riding when I show. The connection between us is so strong and we really trust each other

      • My lucky charm when I show is my grandmothers pin. She gave it to me when I started showing and I have worn it in shows since then!

        • My grandmother and I share the same birthstone. When she passed away I inherited them- those are my lucky charm.

          • My lucky charm during an event is the trust I have in my horse… Knowing that he will try his best for me! Our horsehair bracelet helps too! :)

      • my “lucky Charm” is my pin, I have been using since I started showing . Its a profile if a horse head, I can see where the ears are worn, But I wont replace it.

      • My lucky charm is my dog. He comes with to shows, and always makes me feel better, and my house loves him!

    • My lucky charm for a show is a ritual I do with my horse. When I am tacking her up, I kiss her on the nose 2 times, say “let’s get it done”, and then before we enter the ring I rub both her ears. Seems silly but seems to be working for us! Happy St. Patricks Day! My Bailey would love the Micklem bridle and truly benefit from the unique design!

    • My luck charm is the faith I have in my horse and myself :-). It’s that special bond that only gets stronger with every ride.

    • My lucky charm is my “show zocks”, I have worn the same pair every time I’ve shown and I always have fun at my shows! I don’t always get ribbons but I always enjoy the time I spend with my horse :)

    • My “lucky Charms” are a pair of real gold horseshoes that my mom gave me back when I was 15 and was going to ride in my first English riding horseshow. It was a gift so unexpected and they did bring me luck that day…I came home with 2 second place ribbons a 3rd place, and a 5th place. I still have these earrings and continue to wear them when I ride my horses. I am 52 now and have gone thru quite a lot of different mounts. My mom passed away from cancer a little over 3 years ago and I miss her so much still, but I know she is with me in spirit, and I still treasure my little horseshoe earrings!

    • my Lucky charm is a bracelet of my horses show name ive only placed good wearing it everytime I ride with it off I place horrible it really is my lucky charm and another lucky charn I wear was my grandmas riding pin…

  2. My lucky charm is a copy of a picture of my first pony, Aeolus, from 30 years ago. He has always been good luck and was such a fantastic guy.

  3. My lucky charm when I show is my daughter. She is 4 years old and she is always yelling go mommy or great job mommy and she is the best lucky charm I have ever had :)

  4. My lucky charm at a show are my zocks. I wear one zebra and one flower power sock and i always see to do really well.

  5. My lucky charm for events would have to be my recent creation…a shrinky dink charm I made specifically to attached to my saddle d-ring!

  6. This is sort of embarrassing, but my lucky charm at every horse show I’ve ridden in is my lucky zebra bra! I have to wear it, or I just don’t feel right showing! And it helps, if only psychologically!

  7. I wear lucky nylon socks, one black one white. Black on the left, white on right for dressage and White on the left black on right for Jumping phases.

  8. When I show, my lucky charm is my ever-loyal dog who I rescued from the shelter. He comes to all my shows with me and stands on the sidelines with my parents to watch. Not only is he my lucky charm, but he’s a great friend! I love my pup.

  9. My lucky charm is my back number 614. And it’s not just the number, it’s the actual number I wore in my first over fences class (I had to laminate it). If it’s not that actual number (I’ve tried putting it on other paper) it doesn’t work as well.

  10. My “lucky charm” is my horse, Good Luck Chuck! For year’s I’ve laughed about me being a good luck Chuck to all the guys I’ve dated (3 serious boyfriends have gone on to marry to girl they dated after me). I found it only fitting to give the horse who came to me as Charlie the awesome show name Good Luck Chuck. We have placed in every horse trial we’ve been to as a team in the past year. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a horse?!

  11. I have a pair of lucky socks that I wear to every show (don’t worry, I do wash them!). They are the Ariat socks that look like you’re wearing shoes, and they fool everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  12. My lucky charm is my first stock pin I have, because it’s the first show item I ever bought. It’s a silver pin with a horseshoe that has a pink pearl inside (when I was 11, I LOVED the pink). I won Champion at my first show ever wearing it! It’s a must have for every show now, many seasons later. :)

  13. My lucky charm is a locket with a picture of my horse who passed away! I know hes always wit me in the show ring when I wear it!:)

  14. My lucky charm when I compete is putting a blue (or colored) braiding band on the 7th braid from the poll, since that’s my lucky number.

  15. My lucky charm is a belt with my first horse’s name on it. He passed away last year and one time when I didn’t wear my belt I fell off in one of my classes.

  16. My good luck charm other than my horse is my horseshoe necklace with a cross in the middle. I got it from my grandma and it is very special to me. :) happy st. pattys day!

  17. My lucky charm when i show is a pair of sterling silver horse shoe earrings that my parents got me when i rode in my very first horse show. They are very special to me and i make sure before every show to put them on and ride my best.

  18. I get really nervous when I show, and I always seem to turn into a babbling, mind-in-the-clouds mess, especially before the dressage phase. My “lucky charm” is my super tacky pyramid belt. It’s black and white checked, with big silver pyramid studs, and it helps me remember to lighten up and smile – even if it is because I’m wearing a silly non-traditional belt under my show coat.

  19. I have multiple “lucky charms” that I scatter through out mine and my horses wardrobe. But my most important and most lucky is a charm my grandpa gave me of a four lead clover that I braid into my horses mane. No one knows its there, but I do and it brings me good luck!

  20. My luck charm is a 50 cent piece that was given to me the day of my uncles funeral. He always carried one in him pocket for good luck, and now it’s my luck charm.

  21. My lucky charm is my horsehair bracelet that I had made after my horse passed away in November. Whenever I feel nervous or worried, I look down at the bracelet and I think of him. It instantly makes me better and reminds me of all the great times we had together. I could not show without it.

  22. My lucky charm for horse shows is a small stuffed horse that I was given a while back. He stays in the car while I show, but I always feel that his presence makes a difference haha!

  23. My lucky charm is my pair of white breeches! During a mini event, I decided I didn’t want to change breeches for XC so I left them on, and it was the first time I completed the course! Now I wear them for all three phases.

  24. My lucky charm for horse shows out here has to be my bracelet with my thoroughbred’s name on it. I pretend the brass plate is golden and I feel like a million bucks. (:
    Works every time.

  25. My lucky charm is my horse Kenny! He’s a 4 year old and he’s very hard headed, my trainer, an FEI Dressage rider rides him sometimes for me and he can give her such grief, but as soon as I get on he’s perfect for me. He’s my good luck! Whenever I get on him at shows, he doesn’t do a thing wrong, and the judges always think hes a cutie.

  26. My lucky charm is a braclet that my mom gave me that says “Believe”. I have a lot of self confidence issues when I ride and my mom is always telling me to believe in myself. So I always make sure I have that braclet on, along with a leather braclet with my horse name on it, Cherry. Once I have those on, I take a quick peak at them before I head into the dressage ring or out of the start box for XC. My mom is my biggest fan and supporter, so the braclet always gives me a big boost of confidence.

  27. My lucky charm at horse shows are my field boots I have had the same boots for over 10 years I have won NH medal finals in them gone to some huge shows!!! Hopefully the fact that I finally bought new boots doesn’t jinx my luck!!!

  28. My lucky charm is my grandmother’s high school ring that she re-sized and gave to me. I wear it every horse show, I give it to her the night before and she gives it to me the next day to make sure it’s lucky. I’ve had it since I started out in small fry classes with my first horse. My grandmother was the most supportive person while I was showing!

  29. My daughter’s good luck charm is her horseshoe socks. She still wears them – even though they’re fairly worn out. (Are socks still lucky if they’re holey?)

  30. My lucky charm is a horse and rider pin that was given to me in 1999 at a tack store. I was shopping for my first show and the owner pulled the pin out of the shelf. It’s a Montana silver smith pin. Its either on my shirt or in my pocket. I get so scared that I will lose it. It means so much to me.

  31. My lucky charm when I show is a bracelet made out of my first horses mane. He was put down last November and now I always have him with me when I show. My other lucky charm is the advice my trainer gives me before I enter the ring.

  32. I have to lucky charms. One is my four leaf clover necklace that I wear all the time that reminds me of my Irish heritage & those that trail blazed before me. My other lucky charm is a Shaggy & Scooby figurine that my family gave me. If they are scared out of their minds & can still save the day, why can’t I?!

  33. My lucky charm is my grandmother’s locket that she gave me at my first competition, days before she passed away from cancer. It has never failed me.

  34. My lucky charm is my mom! She has been at everyone of my shows, she keeps me focused and calm. She is always there to guve me a pep talk or calm my horse.

  35. My lucky charm is a necklace with my horse, Bounty, bridle tag on it. I lost him 2 years ago ago, he was my first horse. I had been riding him my whole life till then, 13 years. I never go to a show without it!

  36. My lucky charm is my horse! I’m lucky to have her, and never let myself forget that. She brings me happiness, and she is very much my lucky charm whether we’re at a show or just hanging out in the field.

  37. Eventers are known for their lucky charms. My lucky charm is a silver know gnome that I put in my medical arm band. My boyfriend put it in a Zale’s diamond box before surprising me with diamond earrings. He caught me totally off guard with the gnome. I love it :)

  38. My lucky charm is a small stone horse a good friend brought back from Arizona for me. I carry it in the pocket of my breeches every time I enter the ring. It gives me a sense of calm to touch it before a class.

  39. My lucky charm for dressage shows is the beautiful stock pin my husband gave me for my birthday. Works like a charm! (Thanks, Honey!)

  40. My lucky charm is the bridle tag from my first horse. I lost her less than a year after I got her to a freak pasture accident. I put the tag on a string and wear it a competitions.. When I wear it I always think of her and how much she taught me, therefore increasing my confidence in my abilities and giving me “good luck”

  41. I actually have two lucky charms. My first is a leather bracelet with a gold name plate with me and my first horse’s names on it. My mom bought it for me at my first show when I was 7 and I am now 18 and it always comes to the shows and I wear it under my gloves. My second lucky charm is a antique horse charm from Europe that my step mother gave me before my first horse show. I keep the charm tied in the back of my helmet (no one can see and no it doesn’t hurt me) so I have two lucky charms and each represents one side of my family so I have luck and love all the way around! :)

  42. My lucky charm is the pendant I have from my grandmother! Each show I carry it in my pocket and it reminds me where I started and how far I’ve come! I freak out when I don’t have it!

  43. My good luck charm other than my horse is my horseshoe necklace with a cross it it. :) It was given to me by my grandma and is very special to me. Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

  44. My good luck charm is an old horsehair bracelet I made from my horse’s tail after he passed away back in 2009. I could never show without it and I take it everywhere with me. I feel like he’s still with me sometimes, and I feel good knowing I’ve still got a part of him with me all the time.

  45. my lucky charm is my purple polo. I got it at a random store somewhere and I couldn’t find one anywhere else so I got it. since then we’ve been doing great!

  46. My lucky charm is a four leaf clover! I found it a while back, laminated it, and put it in my medical armband. It keeps me safe over fences and galloping on cross-country!

  47. My lucky charm at horse shows is my husband’s Army dog tags on a necklace. He gave me his spare set when we first started dating the weekend before a horse show. I wore them everywhere even at the show. I could feel them bouncing around in rhythm under my show shirt in the warm up and every once in a while it would make me smile. It was the first show my nerves were calm and I didn’t get so stressed out before going down centerline. I wear them now at every show, always taking a moment in the trot to feel them bump against my skin in rhythm to bring me back to work and calm down the jitters.

  48. My lucky charm is a green and silver chain mail bracelet. While I can’t wear it while I ride, I always have it on me!

  49. My lucky charm is a little jumping bat (crop) that I was given when I was about 14. I still use it to this day (well over a decade later) and I swear, it is lucky!

  50. My lucky charm is an angel pin that my best friends mom gave me. My best friend died in a horseback riding accident when we were 8. Her mom gave me the angel pin and told me it was Cheryl as my guardian angel whenever I ride =-) I always wear it as my stock pin when I compete and put it on my vest somewhere when I go cross country. It hasn’t failed me yet!

  51. My lucky charm when I ride is the belt my trainer gave my as a hand-me-down. It is a half fuzzy cheetah print and half shiny brown snake skin :). It may be the ugliest belt ever but I always wear it because when I do, me and my horse do amazing. If I forget it, everything that can go wrong, does.

  52. Well the only thing I have with me that is good luck, is my horse Lucky. He was born with a testicular hernia and given a very grim chance to make it till the sun came up. The vets gave him less than 25% chance. He made it through that night and battled for the next few months to recover. He’s now 7 years old, and doing great! He may not be a lucky charm that makes us win makes us win

    • Sorry, I don’t know what happened there.
      But he may not make us win a ribbon, but I’m just lucky that I have him and that he’s been the one to fulfill my dreams…even tho we may not place every show in my heart we win ever time, and that’s all that matters to me. <3

  53. My lucky charm at shows would have to be my Taylor Haugen bracelet. Taylor Haugen was playing football at my high school, when he was a freshman, & ended up dying. Two of the other players tackled him at the same time, crushing his liver. Taylor’s motto was always “Don’t quit, never give up” & now, it’s something that our whole community lives by. I always wear my TH bracelet everywhere I go so I can follow his motto.

  54. My lucky charm is a bracelet I made with strands of my first horse’s tail braided in it. He was the most beautiful and kind thoroughbred that I have ever had the privilege to know and ride, and the bracelet gives me the confidence and strength to ride with the same spirit that I know my old thoroughbred gave me.

  55. My lucky charm has to be my horseshoe necklace. I usually don’t wear jewelry at shows but my horseshoe is facing up to keep all my “luck” inside it so it’ll never fall out.I ride my OTTB who is a rescue and I have to say he’s my second lucky charm he has taken me above and beyond in the show ring giving it his all and has never let me down. He’s given me all the luck that’s been in my horseshoe necklace and I am beyond grateful for that!

  56. My lucky charm is my Dad. He has been coming with me to every show since I started riding. He missed his first one last weekend due to his untimely passing. But I still know he was watching and had front row seats. Family is the best lucky charm anyone c

  57. Lucky charm is an understatement. This charm definitely has its sentimental value. My dad use to compete back in the 70’s and I have one of his old competition numbers that I bring with me and sometimes use if the shows allow. He will always be a part of me!

  58. I have two lucky charms. I have my lucky socks, and my lucky bracelet. My bracelet is lucky because my mom and grandma have one just like it.

  59. My “lucky charm” is my husband. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have the confidence to go into the show ring.

  60. My “Lucky Charm” when I compete is a cross I wear on my saddle. My mother bought it for me and it is the one and only cross I’ve ever ridden with. This cross I know is my lucky charm because once I fell off my horse running a pattern and she stepped on me. After a ambulance ride to the ER I found out that I only had a couple cracked ribs and some bruises. Besides my cross, the love my horse and I have for one another is my second Lucky Charm. I trust her wholeheartedly and know she would never intentionally hurt me.

  61. My lucky charm is my Dad. He has been coming with me to every show since I started riding. He missed his first one last weekend due to his untimely passing. But I still know he was watching and had front row seats. Family is the best lucky charm anyone could have.

  62. my “Lucky Charms” are…
    When ever i show I paint my left thumb nail this one shade of blue. Also, when I’m doing hunters I look at the corse, but then Let my horse look at it so he knows what he is about to do:) Lastly I always wear my horse necklace and helmet earrings just in case my other “lucky Charms” fail me.

  63. My good luck charm when competing is my partner in crime, my mare. Everything else changes over years of competing (tack, show clothes, venues), but my girl and our bond stays consistent. She reminds me to take a breath and ride because I enjoy it, not because I’m chasing a ribbon or championship.

  64. My “lucky charm” has to be my mother. When she’s not there, I always get really stressed out at shows, having to do my hair perfectly (Which she does very well) I have to time myself perfectly, and I wont have anyone cheering me on from the sidelines except for my instructor. My mom always makes sure I get to these shows on time, and she’s even my photographer after a long day of winning ribbons!

    I have to even say my horse’s lucky charm is also my mom. She always gives him the “handsome boy talk” before a class which is pretty much a pep talk she gives Bentley. It mainly consists of, “Who’s the handsome boy? You’re the handsome boy!” while stroking his neck for a minute or two. But it really works, because we always place when she gives Bentley his pep talk, haha :)

  65. My lucky charm is a wonderful leather wrap bracelet a good friend had made for me. It has my old Young rider Horse’s bridle plate attached to it.

  66. My lucky charm at horse shows is my silver running horse pin that I wear every time I go into the show ring. Hasn’t failed me yet!

  67. My lucky charm is my friend Maddy. She always comes out to support me at shows and is there to quell my nerves and give me encouragement! She is awesome.

  68. My lucky charm is my hero he always come to my horse shows, and watches me.
    He saved my life from being hit by a car luckily i was only injured slightly without broken bones i did become unconscious he new how to do CPR so yeh he is my charm and goodluck which keeps me safe

  69. When I was younger, one of my teammate’s mom would always being me a handful of M&Ms right before my class and would give me a pep talk. Somehow it would calm me. It was great! I don’t really have a lucky charm now, but I always liked that ‘ritual’.

  70. My lucky charm is my 13 year old daughter sitting ringside cheering me on and giving me pointers – and always ready with something to drink when I finish a course :)

  71. My lucky charm is a small rhinestone bracelet. I’m a traditionalist in the hunter and equitation rings, but it satisfies my bling fetish without being offensive.

  72. My good luck charm is a old purple pair of “I love my pony” tall socks that I was wearing when I won a big show with my little man. I am 24 now (was 14 then) but I still rock those socks, and show the same pony :)

  73. My good luck charm at horse shows would be my leather bracelet with my section a welsh pony’s name on it, so I know he is with me! He will only be two this year and literally means the world to me.

  74. My lucky charm is my lucky socks! I wear the same pair of zocks for under my boots every show! And if I forget, I never do as well!!

  75. I wear a charm called a protection polar bear. My grandmother gave it to me when i got my first horse. I have been so lucky ever since!

  76. My lucky charm is my little OTTB! I got him as a 3 year old and he has taken care of me through a pregnancy and nursing back from a broken ankle. He steals the heart of anyone who meets him, and his “can do” attitude has given him the nickname “the little engine that could”

  77. Our lucky charm at an event is the first pair of Zocks that I ever bought when I was 7(now 16)- black with purple flames covering them! I’ve never gone anywhere without them!

  78. I plan to show this year for the first time and my lucky charm will be my horse Leyna! She’ s golden buckskin so she is my own pot of gold!

  79. When I show I always put blue yarn in the 12th braid instead of whatever color matches the horse. My horse Royale who passed away was born on April 12 and the horse I have now Tristan, who I bought as a 3 year old, was also born on April 12. I’ve had Tristan for 7 year now and ever single show I put a blue braid or band in on the 12th one. After all the championships and top 5 awards I’d like to think Royale gave us some luck. I also always show with something saying “Royale” whether it be a bracelet or necklace under my shirt.

  80. I have two lucky charms! The first is a small lock of hair from my first horse Rain, who was a rescue horse. She passed away a few years ago. The second is a small horse shoe keychain that was my Dad’s. My Dad was a rider and he passed away when I was seven. Now, whenever I show, I have two of my loved ones with me.

  81. My luck charm is I have 3 one is a horse bracelet from my dead horse that died 5 years ago my other one is a necklace that has a bit on it and the last on is my horses chestnut from along time ago!

  82. I have shown only once, but my mare was my lucky charm. We are embarking on a new adventure this year and will be competing in Combined Driving. I know my lucky charm and I are going to have a great time together!

  83. My good luck charm would have to be my pair of purple underwear :p it has puss in boots on the front. I got them a week before my first show and we kicked some butt!

  84. My lucky charm is a silver horseshoe necklace that my mom got when she first started riding and gave to me when I first started!

  85. my lucky charm is a bracelet with my horses name Ben and the bay i met him. one time i forgot to whear it and the horse i was riding started cantering in a walk trot class and in the next class i fell off!

  86. I am my daughter’s lucky charm! She tells me her ride time and I think positive thoughts for her while I imagine her riding her dressage test! She goes to college several hours away so I can’t be there for her IDA competitions. I like to think I’m lucky for her!! She also wears a pin that was my moms for good luck too!! Can’t have enough :)

  87. My lucky charm is my horse… Without him I couldn’t show in the first place, but he also keeps me going. If I’m having a bad day I go to the barn and he always knows what goofy thing to do to make me laugh. I love my Romeo :)

  88. I carry a baby tooth (cap) of my show mare I lost 1 year ago today. I carried it our entire show career and now I still do even though she is gone.

  89. My lucky charm is the quarter that somehow made its way into the top vent on my GPA. It slides around up there and makes me laugh at how ridiculous it sounds which in turn gives me something else to focus on besides my course and nerves. It also doubles as a device to keep me on a steady pace. As my horse goes faster so does the quarter. And I know to slow down. Ihope it never comes out!!

  90. My good luck charm is half of my favorite pony’s horseshoe in my pocket! I carry it everywhere I go and I cannot show with out it! I also keep it in my back pack for school. :D

  91. My luck charm is a pair of “lucky blue socks” that I always wear for horse shows. I also try to wear other blue things like underwear and my horse has a blue bonnet (because blue is for winners!) My socks are so worn that they don’t stay up anymore and my mom gave me a new pair of socks ( blue!), so I could continue to show in my blue. (I am wearing blue right now so I can win that bridle because I have been wanting one!)

  92. I never showed, I competed in endurance, but I had lucky socks! Not with shamrocks though, they had unicorns on them. They wore out forever ago though, so how lucky would I be to win these socks?!

  93. I have a few lucky charms. First, I never wear matching socks to a show (not sure how that started)! Second, I keep a tiny dreamcatcher that I made from a keychain ring and my first OTTB’s tail hair in my pocket. She was the best mare in the world and was tragically put down due to a massive joint infection, and I never got to ride her. She was the most loving and trusting animal, and was so intelligent, she almost knew what I wanted her to do before I asked. I truly believe that if there is such a thing as luck she would be the one to help me have it!

  94. My charm is my horse, my beautiful grey OTTB geld, Silver Escape. We’ve been together almost 13 years now. And I wear my belt with his nameplate attached.

  95. My lucky charm at shows is a spongebob sweat band I wear under my show coat. All of my barn friends got it for me for my 17th birthday, and it proved itself to be truly lucky when I didn’t wear it to one show and fell off 8 times in 3 days!

  96. My Lucky Charm is my wedding band, The best shows I ever had started the spring I got married, I had graduated college and was able to take my Incrediable Warmblood mare who continues to WOW me in Eventing out for her first recognized season. To this day I never show without that band!!

  97. My lucky charm is a small glass rock with a white angel in it, my Mamaw gave it to me to keep safe. And my other lucky charm is a necklace my boyfriend gave me. I never show without having both of my lucky charms.

  98. For me I would say that my lucky charm is my Pessoa ear bonnet with bling on it. Ever since I got it I’ve won first place in five shows, and second in two. The only thing I was worried about is if I lost it, and that is why I bought three exact ear bonnets. Hopefully my lucky bonnet will help my horse and I win more shows in the future.

  99. My lucky charm is a piece of turquoise. According to Native American folklore, turquoise will bring you good luck. I actually carry one all the time.

  100. My good luck charm is a little, red, plastic horse I got from my grandpa who has pancreatic cancer (: that way he is always there for me!

  101. My lucky charm(s) are my horses, Bug and Lance, because no matter what we’re facing they always carry me through to the end safely and without question. I couldn’t ask for better luck than that!

  102. My lucky charm is my leather bracelet with my horses name on it. He had been gone for about a year but I had it from our many rides together. He loved showing more than anything.

  103. My lucky charm is my horses first pair of shoes, I keep them in the trailer and rub them before every test or class. :)

  104. My lucky charms are my red socks (I got them after my first real competition) and especially my helmet! Can’t think of a better lucky charm than one that protects you from serious head injury.

  105. My lucky charm is a horse shoe pendent given to me from one of my parent’s friends. It was her good luck charm that was given to her by her mother and she passed it on to me. When I wear it I feel her right beside me, even when she cannot attend a show and I feel strength, courage and pride when I wear it. Its old but its definitely good luck to me

  106. My lucky charm is my cape cod bracelet. I am not really sure if you are supposed to wear them while you show, but I do! It has given me luck every time I wear it!

  107. My lucky charm is my first show pad, a big old fleeceworks! I wanted the coolest blanket to ride in, but was only allowed to use it when I showed so I’ve used it at every show for 8 years!

  108. My good luck charm is my horse, Pepsi. I can trust my horse to help me through the stress of the show and I can rely on her being there for me always! :) She is truly my best friend!

  109. My lucky charms are leather bracelets with my favorite horses/ponies names engraved on them. One of them is my own horse that I got right before Christmas last year. His name is Finn and he is the best! My other one my trainer gave me for Christmas of my favorite school pony, Cody. She and I were both surprised that I had found a horse so quickly (I had only been looking for a few weeks before I found Finn). But, these bracelets bring a smile to my face every time I see them, which of course helps in the show ring!

  110. My horse, Zuppa,’s muzzle is the best lucky charm. She insists I give her kisses before I get on every ride and will turn and push her nose at me if I don’t do it. I wouldn’t dare forget before a horse show. She is a big shiny coppery chestnut dutch warmblood with three white socks and a blaze. She sparkles in the sun. She is recovering from a bowed tendon right now, so I hope the kisses give her lots of luck and we can show again next year.

  111. My lucky charm is a horsehead ring that I won from earning 3rd place in a National horse judging competition. I first put it on my finger seven years ago, and I’ve worn it ever since!

  112. My lucky charm(s) are my boot socks.. But they are so old that try are disintegrating! Been meaning to get new ones, but haven’t found the right pair! Thanks!

  113. I know it’s kind of old-fashioned, but my good luck charm is my little green nylon cross pendant that i wear under my shirt or attached to t saddle, and a prayer sent up that my horse and I will do our best.

  114. I have a “lucky shirt”- just a white t shirt that was rolled up with a neon green scrunchie- that stays in my garment bag that goes to shows. The first time that I went to a show without it- had cleaned out the bag- thought “eh, don’t need this in there”- I came off on xc at a preliminary coffin. First thing I said to my friends at the finish line – this was before the one fall rule- “I don’t have my lucky shirt!!!!”

  115. My Lucky charm is a green knit winter hat with six white horses cantering around it. No matter what the weather is I will wear it the during the morning and night at shows. I have had it for over ten years and have never washed it. ( I know thats icky, but its really not that dirty regardless) The only couple of times I thought to wear it and didn’t have it on me or with me I broke my collar bone in two places, dis-located my ankle and dis-located my knee (all were seperate occasions). Ever since then if I think I should bring it/wear it, it goes with me everywere.

  116. A small toy called Angry Beaver. I know it’s silly but my husband and I got it out of a vending machine on our first date and we carry it for good luck whenever we could use it.

  117. My lucky charm that I always wear to a horse show is the leather belt my trainer wore when she was a kid growing up in the show ring. Not sure why but it means soo much to me! Then my earrings my grandma bought for me, she bought me my horse and said “every little girl deserves a good horse” and I’ve had him ever since and it’s nice to have that little bit of her with me when I go in the ring!

  118. I have never gotten on a horse in the last 3 years without my horse bracelet. This bracelet means everything to me. It has a little horse decal and it says “Dr. Phil”. This is the name of the first horse i ever showed and fell in love with. I had a horrible fall and i walked Phil’s stall and he was the one who made me feel better. THAT’S when i knew he was my lucky charm. I got my bracelet shortly after that day and have been reassured that Phil was with me even when he wasnt. I always wear that bracelet when i show because Phil takes away all my nerves so i can show the class with what I’ve got. :)

  119. My lucky charm is three pennies that I keep in my pocket while I show. I found these three pennies out at dinner the night after a horseshow, and I kept them in my pocket that next day when I showed. I have another lucky charm too and that would be my trainer’s dog. She is always hanging out at horseshows, and I have to pet her before every class. It’s a little weird, but I’m kinda superstitious when it comes to being lucky at horseshows.

  120. My lucky Charm(s) is a leather bracelet with a brass name plate on it that says my horses show name. I have one for each of my horses that I show. So I change my bracelet a couple times a show day. But it’s well worth it for a little bit of luck!

  121. My lucky charm is a fei world cup las vegas token that my aunt gave me from when traveled to horse shows before her breast cancer. She was the one that introduced me to the horse world and having the token reminds me how lucky I am to be involved in such as special sport that many do not have the opportunity to be a part of.

  122. Our lucky charm is a horseshoe charm that has both mine and my horses names engraved on it that’s on a braided leather bracelet that I only wear on show days. It was a present from my mom I got the morning of my first show.

  123. I always wear two pairs of socks when I ride (one under my breeches and one over). My lucky charm is a pair of heart socks I wear under my tall ones. I have worn them at almost every show, and the ones I didn’t wear them at, I didn’t do as well. There’s a hole coming in the toes now, so I’m gonna have to patch them up soon!

  124. My lucky charm is my blue jacket which I have had since I was 10. It still somehow fits me perfectly, and it has carried me through some awesome times! My mom keeps telling me I need to get a new jacket but I am truly convinced that it is lucky!

    Ps- I love this bridle! My horses are so grateful for the comfort it provides them :) I could really use another one for my big “crazy” TB who has an abnormally large head and is stuck in a traditional bridle !!!!

  125. My luck charm is kind of odd and not exactly a charm, but more of being prepared. I HATE being late to anything, especially to a horse event. I plan for anything, and leave a nice cushion of time for delays or emergencies. For example, one morning when we were on our way to a horse show and we picked up a nail in the trailers tire. We had plenty of time to use a tire plug and pull the nail out and get back on our way to the show leaving us lots of time for warm-up and relaxing before we headed into the ring for our first class. So basically being prepared and leaving plenty of time is my “ritual” for horse events and it has yet to let me down :)

  126. My lucky charm when I show is my french braid for my hair. Ever since my first horse show my dad french braids my hair for me, and I can never compete in a show without my hair french braided by my dad.

  127. My lucky charms are my silver stirrup necklace and my helmet. My helmet has always been the finishing touch that makes me feel show ready.

    May joy and peace surround you,
    Contentment latch your door,
    And happiness be with you now,
    And bless you evermore.

  128. No charm but a saying. “Stay on. Have fun. Don’t get killed.” Stems from a bad weekend when I first started riding and fell off 10+times in one weekend. Haven’t fallen off since then and always have fun.

  129. My lucky charm is my mother in law she’s always been there for me from lessons to shows & makes my days better even when my mare thinks she’s the devils child, some of my worse experiences have been in front of her & I’ve walked away safely each time!

  130. My lucky charm is my belt that I got from Dover saddlery. It has the name of the gypsy cob I trained last year (tabitha). She holds a very special place in my heart and I miss her everyday.

  131. My lucky charm is the first stock pin I ever recieved! It was from my aunt in florida, so I always have her near my heart! It is a foal rearing!

  132. My lucky charm is my Irish Sport Horse whom I bought in Ireland as a 4y.o. when I lived there and brought to Texas with me 3 years ago. Couldn’t have gone anywhere without him in my life.

  133. My lucky charm when showing is my lucky rainbow socks! I have worn them so much that they have totally fallen apart and they will probably wind up being leg warmers soon lol

  134. My “lucky charm” is a St Christopher locket that has been in my family for multiple generations. My mom gave it to me to keep me safe through all my endeavors in life. To me a safe fun show for me and the horses I ride is more important than any amount of ribbons; so therefor it is my lucky charm, plus I feel I am carrying part of my family’s history and heritage with me at all times.

  135. Over the many years I’ve had several lucky charms… but my favorite one is a bracelet made from the tail hair of my first soulmate horse and the first horse I showed. Even though they are now gone, I feel like everything they taught me is still there and they are still riding with me.

  136. My lucky charm is the amazing horse I get to ride, Ashiroh (nicknamed Stewie from Family Guy) He belongs to my trainer, and he can be really testy sometimes during warm up. I start freaking out, thinking I’m going to bomb our dressage test. But as soon as he enters at ‘A’, he knows it’s showtime and he does his job like no other! He says “Pirouettes? I got this!!!”

  137. My good luck charm is going to my farm and spending the night before I have anything big the next day. I have studied for test at my home and have failed almost all of them. I go to the farm and stay the night and I usually get a very good grade. Got a 98 on my benchmark the other day :)

  138. My lucky charm is an old hunter pin of a horse to wear on my rat catcher for showing that belonged to my grandmother. It’s probably 70 years old and fits perfect! That’s my lucky charm and guardian angel!!

  139. My “lucky charm” is my horseshoe necklace that I got on my 13th birthday. It is very special to me and just reminds me of everyone who supports me, thats pround of me,that loves me, and builds me up. I so need that feel when I have pre-show jitters and knock me self down.

  140. My lucky charm is horse shoes. I have a pin I wear on my jacket. I wear one up in my long hair when I put it up as well as tucking one away secretly in my horses main as he is my partner out their and could use some extra good luck as well. After all we are a team.

  141. My lucky charm for shows is having my mom there helping me! She can sometimes stress me out and annoy me but when she’s at the show, I always end up doing well! I can only put that on her because there was a show that she didn’t go to and I fell off after a perfect round! That’s pretty bad luck! After that she comes to all the shows(: my other lucky charm is my charm necklace that one of my best friends gave me in 4th grade!

  142. My lucky charm isn’t a special object or piece of clothing, but a series of rituals that I absolutely have to do before showing. Right before arriving at the showgrounds, I always listen to the same three songs – Only the Young by Brandon Flowers, then Lola by the Kinks, and finally Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. The first two make me calm, focused, and confident, and the last one pumps me up for competition. My horse has just one sock, so as soon as I arrive I have to make sure that that right hind is sparklingly clean. I know that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to wash one sock before I’ve even groomed the rest of him, but it acts kind of like a pacifier – as long as it’s clean, I’m calm. Last, I have to have a banana. I don’t know why – I guess it’s like why some people need their morning coffee not only for the caffeine, but also because drinking it is a familiar, soothing action. I love the feeling of nerves or “butterflies in my stomach,” but without my morning traditions I get anxious and jittery. If I don’t do them, I start over-thinking everything about my riding, which puts me off as well as my horse and my trainer.

  143. I have a lucky camo hat that I’ve had for years. I’ve never had a bad spill or been injured while wearing it.

  144. My lucky charm when I show is the belt that I have with all of the horses’ names on it that I have owned and/or shown. I got it when I got my first horse about 15 years ago and it’s a little too small for me now, so it goes with me in my boot bag everywhere I go.

  145. My lucky charm has always been to take a moment before each class to tell my horse how much I love and appreciate him. A moment of clarity and perspective – we are doing this for fun!

  146. My lucky charm at shows is an equestrian games pin my grandfather received at the Stockholm Olympics. I use it as my stock tie pin.

  147. My lucky charm that I always wear at horse shows is my leather horse bracelet. The name on it is the name of my favorite horse, Lacey, I have leased her during the summer for the past two summers. I have learned so much from her, and she brings me so much luck!

  148. My mother was an amazing horse show mom when I was a kid. She was always with my sister and I at the shows, helping to dress us as well as our horses. When my parents got divorced and the money started to run out she picked up extra jobs just to help make sure my sister and I could continue to ride and compete.
    As I grew up I noticed my mother developing weird habits, but it was a long time before my sister and I accepted that she was developing Alzheimers. Now, even though she still loves me, my mother is a different person than the one who raised me and helped me so much along my riding career and she can no longer come to my shows to support me as she used to.
    Before my sisters and I had really acknowledged my mother’s descent into dementia my mother had, on some level, realized it herself. She began to give away prized possessions before she lost or forgot them, almost as though she was dispensing her will while still alive.
    The very last thing my mother gave me was a set of earrings and a matching necklace. To be honest, while pretty, they have an odd look to them which I’ve even had people comment on. They don’t really go with any clothing or occasion. However, I wear them at each and every horse show. They have become my good luck charm because by wearing this token of my mother’s love she is still with me when I show. As I look in the mirror to double check my helmet and hair and see the earrings I am reminded of how proud the mother of my childhood would be of what I have become and accomplished as a horse woman and I go into the show ring to ride my heart out for her.

  149. My lucky charm is my mom! Every show that she’s been too with me, I’ve done pretty well at. She can sometimes get on my nerves or stress me out, but I always do well with her helping me. There was a show that she wasn’t at and I fell off after a really good course! It was pretty bad luck! From that show forward, she has come to all of my shows and I haven’t fallen off at one since.

  150. My “Lucky Charm” is my show crop! No matter how forward or energetic my horse is my crop comes in the ring! It’s helped me mentally, probably more than physically, to get me around the ring! :)

  151. My lucky charm is definitely my horse! We’ve had our trials and tribulations together, but he always comes through for me when it counts.

  152. My Lucky Charm is a horse shoe pin that was given to me by my family in PERU. I wear it on my lapel. It is a horse shoe with a horse head in the shoe. I love it and know that even though family can’t always be near they are always thinking of us.

  153. My lucky charm is a pair of little diamond stud earrings I got as a gift from my dad back when I was 10. Whenever I have them on, I feel I can accomplish anything.

  154. My lucky charm is when i show in some of my aunts tack. She was such a great rider, i feel that using her winning tack will rub off on me.

  155. My lucky charm for horse shows and for life in general is a pendant my husband carved for me when we were first dating. It’s the symbol of the Army Nurse Corps because at that time I was an active duty Army Nurse. Lucky socks come and go, but that pendant will last a lifetime!

  156. I have 2 lucky charms at horse shows! One of them is my leather bracelet with my first horses’ name on it. And the other, are my lucky zocks. They are purple cheetah print, and for some reason I feel like I comepete better in them. They are incredibly torn uo now so the InkStable Socks would help. ;) Thanks! Good luck to everyone!

  157. My family of course! Their love, support, and encouragement always make me feel like a winner whether I get a ribbon or not!

  158. My lucky charm on show days would definietly have to be my lucky socks! I have had them for many years and always wear them when I have a show.

  159. My lucky charm is my diamond stud earrings. I wear them for every show with my OTTB and they have worked so far! I also love how classy they look with my equestrian attire.

  160. Mine is the stock pin of my grand father’s he have me before he died. I only have forgotten it once and wound up falling off in one of my classes

  161. My lucky charm is a horseshoe necklace that my very first riding instructor gave me for my high school graduation. I wear it when I’m showing and whenever I feel like I need a little extra luck!

  162. My lucky charm is a pair of plaid socks that I’ve had for 35 years ! I wore them at every show ! Guess it might be time for a new pair !

  163. I would have to say that my lucky charm is my mom. I love my horse and I know that I couldn’t be where I am without him… But I also know that I wouldn’t even have him in my life if it wasn’t for my mom. She bred him for me, helped raise him while I was in college, allowed me to move back home after school so I could afford to keep him, and has supported both of us in our dreams since then. I am extremely lucky that she has done so much for us. She attends every show and clinic with me. She has been there every step of the way and continues to encourage me in going after my dreams. What better lucky charm is there than that?!

  164. My lucky charm is an old hunting horn pin that I wore on my collar in my first shows as a kid, no more pins but it is still in my pocket.

  165. Since I did not begin showing until I was in my 40’s, I never had a “show mom” to help me on show days. My wonderful husband, Bill, stepped up and became the “stable boy” who brings my horse treats, me water and always has a rag to wipe dirt off my boots or my horse’s legs. I never feel right if he is not with me at a show, cheering us on in victory or not. He is my lucky charm, because I am always lucky to have his support.

  166. My lucky charm at horse shows is warring my purple checkered pattern English show shirt. I won 1st place when I wore that shirt. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  167. My lucky charm is without a doubt my parents. They have been to every show with me and every monumental riding experience. I love all the support and energy they bring to every show. Win or lose my parents always make me feel like a winner!

  168. My lucky charm at horse shows is a clay, three-legged pig that I keep in my show coat pocket. I’ve had it for years and it has never failed!

  169. I always wear my garnet stud earrings. My dad gave them to me on my 16th birthday and its suppose to be good luck to wear your birthstone!

  170. My lucky charm is a necklace I wear under my show clothes: it’s a replica Irish half-crown coin, minted from 1928 to 1943, featuring a proud Irish hunter. The necklace was a Christmas present from my mother, who has been very supportive of my riding.

    Before I show, I also usually have two rings on. One is a spinner ring that shows a horse galloping as you spin it, and the other is a simple silver ring that says COURAGE. I always look at both before taking them off to ride.

  171. My lucky charm when I show is my special jumping bat! When I started showing, someone accidents put it with my things ringside and it was never claimed!
    Fits in my hand perfectly and is irreplaceable as I have no clue what brand it is or where to get it!

  172. My lucky charm when I ride is the horsehair bracelet of my horses father, the great Afternoon Deelites. I also have a second lucky charm (I wear this one in my boot) which is a dollar coin that my dad got from a vending machine while he was competing in an Iron Man. But my biggest lucky charm of all that I can’t live without is my horse.

  173. I’ve made a braid of horse hair from every horse I’ve owned and it stayes on my saddle. That way all my horses are still able to show with me, even if they aren’t with me anymore. They all have have made me the rider I am today.

  174. Happy Saint Patricks Day! I have a few lucky charms at shows – one is the belt buckle I got in Ireland that I wear at every show…the other is the loyal friends from my barn who come to help out and cheer me (and each other) on! :-)

  175. My lucky charm is my leather bracelet with my first pony’s nameplate “Do Too” on it. It is all chewed up where she would constantly grab it and not let go. I used to get so mad but now I never go to a show without it. This pony was a little rascal but such a saint. Doozer was my best friend and this bracelet gives me the confidence to ride my best at every show.

  176. My lucky charm is a necklace that has the Claddagh symbol on it as well as my birth stone. My horse is an Irish Sport Horse so it represents his roots as well as my roots.

  177. My “lucky charm” is the color pink. From pink show shirts for hunters to a pink pad for XC; pink always reminds me to smile and have fun!

  178. It’s all about the horse. If you have a strong bond the energy is there for you both to do your very best…and in the end that’s really all either of you can do.

  179. My lucky charm is my bracelet with my first horses name on it that look like it could fall apart any day. My other lucky charm that never fails is a huge cup of coffee right at the beginning of the day

  180. My “Lucky Charm” when I show is my hunter green USG ear bonnet. I used it once on a horse I had never ridden before and we placed second! Since then, and even before- it’s always on top of the checklist for tack to bring.

  181. I have a pair of lucky socks. I have a hard time deciding which day to wear them at multi-day shows, but they’ve always come through for me whenever I wear them.

  182. My lucky charm for the show ring is my horse. We have never competed and not won a ribbon in 23 years. He may not be the best, but he definitely knows how to shine. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  183. My lucky charm is my husband. He makes me feel like anything is possible and he is so loving and supportive. Without him nothing in my life would be the same. Just seeing him on the fence or course makes me braver, and I know that he thinks we are the best team at the show! Also, my sweet baby girl Sophie. She inspires me to be the best equestrian I can and I want her to see that it isn’t just about ribbons and trophies. It is about your sportsmanship, relationship with your horse, and the only person you have to try to be better than is yourself the last time you rode.

  184. My lucky charm is a breast cancer awareness charm that is on my horses bridle. It helps to keep me grounded and remember that every day is a gift that we should never take for granted.

  185. My lucky charm is the Claddagh ring I got on a trip to Galway, Ireland with my dad. I don’t wear my wedding rings when I ride, so I swap them out for the Claddagh ring partly just to have something on that finger (it feels weird otherwise) and partly for luck. :)

  186. My “lucky charm” at shows is my horse. That might sound silly, but the bond that I have with my horse is what gives us “luck” more than any item could give. Our friendship helps us understand eachother, what the other is thinking and feeling while going around the course, and we both want to do our best and win. At the end of the day, without my horse, the luckiest item in the world wouldn’t win the show for me; it’s my horse that makes it possible, and that’s why she’s my lucky charm!

  187. My good luck charm is my special pair of green floral ovation socks. They are incredibly comfortable and my foot is never blistered. I got these as a present at my first show from my mother (we cannot afford anything else) and I proudly strut my stuff in them hoping to impress both my mother and the judges. Unfortunately my socks ripped at my last show and I really need a new pair of good luck socks! hopefully I can win a pair!

  188. My lucky charm is a silver necklace of a mare and a foal that my trainer gave to me before I went away to college. I ride in the IHSA now, so I rarely know the horse that I am riding. It helps me to remember that no matter what, that horse deserves lots of pats and a mint for carrying a stranger around. :)

  189. My horse has always been my good luck charm :) As long as he’s there I know I am protected and I can trust him. No matter what happens I’ll still always love him!

  190. My lucky charm is probably my mother, because she is always there for me with a big smile and her encouragement, even if i don’t get the best ribbons she is always proud. I couldn’t be were i am now without her.

  191. My lucky charm is my leather bracelet with my horses name engraved on it… Never go in the show ring without it

  192. my lucky charm is a snaffle bit bracelet that my best friend gave me on my wedding day while she was my maid of honor,wear it to every show :-)

  193. My lucky charm is a tiny iron horse my grandma gave me. It’s rearing and I find it very precious, in fact my riding pants had to have at least one zippered pocket because I’m always terrified ill lose it one day. It does bring me luck whether it be first or just helping me and my girl conquer anything that seems impossible.

  194. My lucky charm when I show is a ritual I do at the in gate. Right before I enter the ring I hug her, scratch both sides of her neck4 times and pat her 4 times on the right side of her neck. It makes me feel good and my horse loves it! I think it helps calm any nerves too!

  195. My lucky charm when horse showing are my sunflower boot socks I only wear them on Mashall & Sterling day and they never let me down!!!!

  196. My lucky charm… so many! definitely a pair of army socks that i have that were my fathers… never wear anything new to show in the first time!… never go to the ring unprepared… or without my bestest friend and trainer Betsy Waltman!

  197. My good luck charm is a tiny Princess Celestia from My Little Pony. I totally hear the comment about zippered pockets (:

  198. I started riding when I found out my birthmother rode horses while pregnant with me and owned a horse. For years, my lucky charm was the show belt she bought me. It doesn’t fit any more, but it travels with me.

  199. My lucky charm is a pink ribbon pin given to me when my mom passed away from breast cancer. She may be gone, but she is always with me, cheering me on and keeping me safe :) <3

  200. My lucky charm is my old man. He’s the first horse I’ve ever owned and regardless of whether or not he is being show he always comes along for the ride.

  201. I have 2 lucky charms…. My boyfriend and my cattledog. They accompany me everywhere and I can always count on both of them to cheer me up and give me a kiss after every class

  202. I thibk my “lucky charm” would be grooming for others when I compete. It helps me stay focused and reduces my terrible nerves.

    My horse also has to have peeps at every show!

  203. My lucky charm is my Tuff Rider bamboo socks, I’ll wear them soaking wet if I have to. I didn’t wear them to one show and the day did not turn out well.

  204. My lucky charm is a leather bracelet that I have with my horses name on it. Now that I am not a junior anymore I will need to pass her onto my little sister and having a piece of her with me will mean a lot. She was born at my house and I have ridden her since I was 12 years old, I’m now 19. We have both taught each other a ton and been through a lot together. Even once I move onto another horse, I will always have my bracelet to give me luck.

  205. My luckiest charm for all aspects of my life, including showing, is an army soldier teddy bear my boyfriend gave to me before he went to Iraq in 2006. A woman at the Mystic Valley horse show embroidered it’s uniform with Luke’s name, and told me she used “lucky thread” to keep to keep him and I safe. My bear also wears a set of his dog tags. I am the luckiest girl to have him in my life! Now that Luke is home, both the bear and Luke are coming to my shows this season.

  206. My “good luck charm” is a stock pin my grandmother gave me that is burgundy, hunter green, and blue. It brings me good luck every time!!

  207. My lucky charm is my horse! He’s my partner through thick and thin, and he makes me feel like the luckiest person on earth just to have him.

  208. My best friend is my ‘lucky charm’ during the horse shows. She always makes me feel like I can do it–and she helps cheer me on!

  209. My luck charm when I show is my earrings. My old horse’s name was Mufasa, so I always wore lion earrings when I show. To this day, the tradition continues!

  210. My lucky charm is a horse shoe necklace my aunt gave me before she passed away from a long, hard scuttle with cancer. She was the go to person when you needed to know ANYTHING about horses and words cannot describe how much she is missed. I also always put a dove wrapper in my boot that says, “remind yourself to relax” that my trainer and I found suiting for show days

  211. My lucky charm is my Mom because she has always been there supporting me in and out of the arena. Picking up work hours to afford my lessons, helping me up when I’m feeling down, and walking alongside me through thick and thin. My mom understands my horse show moodiness better than anyone else and she has a special part in every successful moment of my riding… Love you Mom!!

  212. My daughters lucky charms are the horses that she rides — Rita and Rudy. They always make her feel better when she has a bad day. They can be difficult at times, but she always rises to the challenge. They have helped her overcome a very difficult move for her Dad’s job. Whenever she’s on them, I see her become the confident, mature young lady that I know she is – but that she’s still discovering.

  213. My lucky charm is my clover ear ring that I wear in my cartilage. My horses name is clover as well but it always reminds me of her and I know she’s always with me. Love me some clover!

  214. My lucky charms (one for me one for my horse) are my stock tie pin (for me), it’s a beautiful twisted metal pin, and gold renegade boots (for him). We don’t always run cross country in the gold boots, but we always have them with us at the shows and it’s like magic when we do.

  215. My lucky charm are my lime green or rainbow zebra socks. I tend to wear them all the time now as I have great rides when I am wearing them.

  216. My lucky charm for shows is the necklace that has my old horses name and when she died, it makes me feel like she is still there with me in the ring

  217. My lucky charn is my Dublin belt that has a balck lab on it. I got it after my black lab named Dublin and have worn it every show since.

  218. My lucky charm when I show is my old tie-on number that i got at my very first show. The number is my birth date and I have worn it to every show I’ve been in and well, it works like a charm! Even if we don’t place the best in the show, I still feel like my number brings me luck because It reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to ride, show, and have a wonderful horse of my own.

  219. My lucky charm is a big hug from my horse Ripley…he always looks at me before I mount up expecting a hug, and then he smells my hair and gives me a lick on the cheek. That is the only lucky charm I need before entering the ring!

  220. Whenever we hit a show my friend Beth and I look for 4 leaf clovers on the ground. We’ll search around the truck and trailer or even on our walks to the announcers stand. We each will find one and put it in the trailer for the day. Believe it or not, its been quite a lucky charm for the both of us.

  221. When it came to my horses I was a terrible creature of habit, so I suppose there were several things I did, or kept on me for each show. But before every ride I say a quick prayer, “Lord please let this be a good ride, help me to communicate with my horse, and help him to trust me.” (I rode a QH that spooked at EVERYTHING!) He and I always managed to return home without a scratch, even if there were a million monsters behind every corner:)

  222. Back when I competed in hunters my lucky charm was a pair of socks that had butterflies all over them. I wore them in every single show the year we won the end of year champion in TWO different divisions and have worn them in almost every show since! Poor socks have more holes in them then swiss cheese now. Since taking on eventing though I would say my lucky charm is my horse. Sounds dumb, but she honestly saves my butt all the time and has taught me to be a braver, more secure rider over the years. If I ever get another horse or compete someone else’s horse for them I will need to find myself a new lucky charm to bring with me because I will seriously need all the luck I can get at that point! :)

  223. My lucky charm is my a survival bracelet purchased during my deployment to Afghanistan, wore it all day every day and made it home safe. Never go cross country without it!

  224. My lucky charm is a beaded charm that my boyfriend bought me for my first show to put in my horses tail and I have used it in every show since! It’s lucky because the most important person gave it to me(:

  225. My lucky charm is a one pula coin from botswana that is cut so that only the outer edge and the galloping zebra silhouette are intact. It has a small metal ring attached to it and I wear it around my neck at every show we go to for good luck. Also my horses’ show name is Talisman and I always tell him it’s because he’s my lucky talisman.

  226. A bracelet that has my pony’s name on it. I always hide in under my gloves just so I can wear it in the summer months when I show. Wouldn’t be able to show without it.

  227. I have never competed at a show, so I think the first time I do well, my lucky charm will be something that I have with me on that day. Hopefully next year… I got my horse for Christmas.

  228. Before every horse show I have to make sure I have my lucky charm. It is this a silver horseshoe necklace with little dimonds on it and a real 4 leaf clover sealed in clear plastic in the middle.I wear it when i ride for good luck i got it in 2011 from my dad when he went to Las Vegas and I have worn it ever since. I forgot to wear it during a horse show and I fell off twice! So if I forget it I have my mom turn around and go get it!

  229. My good luck charm for riding and showing is my bracelet. It is engraved with my horses name “Lucky Spur”. He was born on Saint Patrick’s day, hence the “lucky”. =)

  230. My lucky charm is definitely my horse Calvin. He is my first horse and I have had him for over seven years now. Just feeling his calmness at shows calms me down and encourages me to do my best so that he can shine in the show ring. I get extremely nervous before horse shows, but as soon as I’m on Calvin’s back I regain my focus and feel empowered. No little trinket or ritual could compare to the overwhelming feeling of trust and confidence that Calvin and I have in each other that helps us both to do our best.

  231. I have two pairs of good luck socks as my good luck charms. I also have a “lucky” routine of putting my right sock on before the left sock and putting my right boot on before the left.

  232. My lucky charm is my saddle pad. It “luckily” is thin enough it can go under other saddle pads! But, I wore this saddle pad when I started training my guy and every time I tried a different pad, our ride suffered. I have to use it every single time I get on him!

  233. My lucky charms are my zocks. I have to wear two different colors. On my left foot I wear a black and white zock, and on the right foot I wear a colored one. I have to wear these zocks all weekend. As gross as that sounds, it works!

  234. My lucky charm is an Irish pray charm that I carry in my pocket and I am showing in Tennessee at some hunter jumper shows

  235. My lucky charm is the heart shaped locket I got on the day the horse I leased from a camp had to go back. We had a really strong bond and I tried to get him back, but someone else got him. The locket has a prancing horse on it, and a piece of his mane inside it. Whenever I get nervous I can reach up to my necklace and remember some of the moments we had together. I always feel better when I wear it, and even a bit more confident. That horse is still my favorite horse, and the locket is one of my most treasured items. I could never show without it.

  236. My Lucky Charm is my horse Journey without her I wouldn’t be the rider I am today. She has inspired me to never give up and to keep pursuing my dreams. I can honestly say that she and I share a deep bond that will never go away. She has saved my butt so many times I can’t even count and I hope she knows how much I love her! She loves showing and makes me want to do my very best each and every time:)

  237. My lucky charm ironically enough is a Irish Claddagh charm that I have on the side of my spurs. I believe it brings me luck for a safe ride!

  238. My lucky charm that I take every where is my handsome baby Juno Ready Cash (aka Cowboy). He under went surgery with an impacted colon caused by a strangulating lipoma. The odds were against him but he pulled through. <3

  239. My lucky charm at a horse show is my horse Blaze. I am so lucky to have him and be able to show him off. He is truly a gift.

  240. I always wear my pearl earrings along with my leopard print belt on show days! Any never show in any other saddles than my Jaguars… Need to be comfortable in order to feel lucky ;-)

  241. Always a combination of my lucky horse bracelet, blue worn-out boot socks, and a piece of first show ribbon in my jacket pocket. ( My mom stayed up until two oclock the morning before a show going thru my bags and laundry looking for the piece of ribbon because she knows it has never left my side) .

    • Today March 16, 2013 marks 2 years ago I Found My Bestfriend and here is the whole story. I called Charlie and said I would like to buy Raven from you and then he said I have Someone Coming To Look At Her On The 17th Of March 2011 and I was like WHAT the heck you said you would never Advertise her on the internet and stuff and of course he put her online and had her up there for $8,000. he said if this person didn’t bring cash in hand she was mine and I Cried my self to sleep that night praying she was mine. It was the next day I am sitting around looking at other horses online just thinking she wasn’t going to be mine and it had reach 12pm and still no call I was getting really upset and my moms phone Rings at like 3pm and it was Charlie and he said she is yours for $3500 and I told my mom to hang up and take me on up there to put $1000 in deposit until we get the vet check and everything and that cleared and so then I called my Neighbor Jane Clemmer and ask her if she could take me up to pick up my Raven girl and she said sure so we went that coming Monday and brought her home I LOVE U SO MUCH RAVEN GIRL!!

  242. My lucky charm is actually a 4 leaf clover charm that attaches to my bridle! Has done me good so far! :)

  243. My lucky charm is my tattoo of my first mare. She was a bold and talented mare I lost way too suddenly to a breeding accident. Now I have a portrait of her galloping on my arm so she still gets to run the XC courses with me! It gives me so much confidence that i still feel like shes with me and my new horse is then ready to tackle any jump!! :)

  244. My “Good luck charm” is my “Crusader” leather bracelet that i never take off. I have it with me when I show my horse Crusader. I love to show my wonderful rescue horse off and show everyone that no matter “how expensive or what breed your horse is” they can be champions. He is my world and I am so blessed to own such a wonderful personable companion.

  245. My lucky charm is a necklace that my son who is in the Air Force gave me for good luck when as an adult I started competing again after years of not riding or showing in hunter/jumpers.

  246. My good luck charm is always the horse that I am riding, because no matter what, they are always to most important part of our success that day.

  247. My ” lucky charm” is my horse I know she is going to be great even when she does not place I always kiss her and thank her that she did her best love you miss Itza Southern Thang!!!!!!!!

  248. My lucky “charms” are my 11 year old twin daughters! It took me 7 years to have them and they were 7 weeks pre-mature (7 is my lucky number!) They always help calm my nerves by saying the most thoughtful, encouraging things before I enter the ring! They love horses and show (and Pony Club) themselves and it is a wonderful give and take :-) I am SO lucky to have my wonderful charms!

  249. When I competed in gymnastics I had a lime green “lucky scrunchie” that was infamous at competitions around the nation. Try as I might, I have not been able to find that same lucky item when competing with my horse but what I have always used in every lesson, clinic, and horse show since I started was a dandy brush and hoof pick that I received at my eighth birthday before I had even begun lessons. It may not be lucky but it does remind me of where I started and how far I’ve come in my riding and how far I will hopefully take my equestrian pursuits.

  250. Mine is sharing a bowl of Lucky Charms with my horse for breakfast the day of a show! Works every time! I would suggest this to everyone who needs a little luck!

  251. My lucky charm is a hand embroidered handkerchief my nana gave me at my first show. “A lady should never be without one” she always said. 30+ years I still keep it in the pocket of my show coat!

  252. My lucky charm is my mom. She has always been there for me and supported me through everything. I would never have become the rider that I am today without her by my side. It is never the same when I am riding or showing without her by my side. I can never thank her enough for the amazing experiences she has given me.

  253. My lucky charm is the leather bracelet I had handmade with the name of the horse who started my love of horses in the first place “Sugar”. Even though she was a western horse before me, she always did anything I asked and jumped with passion. She is the horse that gave me wings.

  254. My horse IS my lucky charm because lucky charms is what she eats for breakfast!