Equestrian Belts – Stylish Accessory to Show Ring Essential

equestrian beltsThe right accessory can do a lot for your overall appearance. When competing at a show or schooling at home, attention to detail can mean the difference between looking polished and professional versus rushed and disheveled. Accessories such as stock ties, hair nets and equestrian belts can bring together an entire horse show outfit just the right way. A riding belt does more than just look good, it ensures your breeches and tucked-in shirt stay in place to allow you to ride to the best of your ability. From traditional, classic designs for the show ring to fun, colorful styles for schooling, these are our favorite equestrian belts:

  • Tredstep™ Flex BeltMade partly from leather and partly from elastic, this riding belt allows for excellent freedom of movement and comfort. There are 10 different color combinations to select from, so you just might want more than one! We recommend ordering it a size smaller than your breech size for the perfect fit.tredstep stretch belt
  • C4 Classic Belt If you want customizable, bright color, then this is the belt for you. c4 classic beltGreat for schooling, wearing just for fun or even competing with your cross-country colors! These equestrian belts are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is very durable and easily machine washable so that they will always look like new. With 24 different solid colors, two print colors, three plaids and 23 buckles colors, you can mix and match these very easily for a different look every day!
  • tory fancy stitched beltTory Fancy Stitched BeltFancy stitching looks just as classic and elegant on an equestrian belt as it does on a bridle. This understated riding belt is perfect for the show ring. It won’t call too much attention to itself, but will give your overall appearance a refined look.
  • Tailored Sportsman “Quilted” Clarino™ BeltThis one is a favorite staple of ours. With the timeless style found in other Tailored Sportsman apparel, this belt is designed to complement Tailored Sportsman breeches. It fits perfectly through Trophy Hunter belt loops, but looks great with jeans as well. The quilted stitched pattern comes in four muted colors that look great with breeches.
  • Tredstep Curve Snaffle BeltThis riding belt is unique because of the curve in its design, which is intended to complement the waist fit of the Symphony breeches. Made of high-quality leather, details such as small snaffle bits and a line of contrast color make this traditionally-styled belt stand out. A great choice for competition or daily wear.tredstep curved snaffle belt

These are just a small sampling of the vast range of equestrian belts available to choose from. Classic leather, traditional colors, vibrant personality and customized style- there is the perfect riding belt for everyone and every discipline, no matter where you are riding.

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  1. I completely agree that your overall appearance will make a difference. Sometimes it surprises me how true that is. Overall, I feel like the difference is made by the accessories. It’s a small detail that can make something appear to be more classy.

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