Red, White and Blue – 4th of July Horse Tack!

4th of july horse tackWhile everyone is planning their barbeques and parties, you may be preparing to compete in a horse show, walk in a parade or just show your spirit around the barn. We may not be able to help you paint your horse like a flag, but we can certainly help you find the best red, white and blue 4th of July horse tack to show your patriotic spirit on Independence Day. Here are our favorite spirited tack items that can be used all together for a complete, parade-ready look, or individually for a tasteful competition accent.

  • Roma® Ecole Saddle Pads – These pads come in a couple colors that are perfect for the holiday, including a red with grey trim and white piping or a slate blue with white trim and red piping. Our favorite, however, is the white with blue piping offered in the star quilt pattern, which seems like the ideal quilt pattern for this holiday! This pad would look great in a jumper ring around the 4th of July. As a bonus, hair brushes off this pad easily so it’s easy to keep clean.roma ecole saddle pads
  • Polo Wraps – Help protect and support your horse’s legs while also adding some color to your 4th of July horse tack. Vac’s Polo Bandages come in a variety of colors, including red, white and blue. So pick your favorite, or mix and match for a truly patriotic combination to wear in a parade or the schooling ring.vacs polo wraps
  • Nunn Finer Red Reins –The perfect accent for cross country, jumper rings and schooling at home, the Nunn Finer Soft Grip Rubber Reins come in a few colors, including bright red, bright blue and brilliant white! These reins are so soft they feel like broken-in leather reins the first time you use them, giving you a great connection to your horse’s mouth.nunn finer red rubber reins
  • Suffolk™ Premier Fancy Dressage Browband – A touch of blue stones and crystal make this dressage browband an elegant bridle accent for the show ring or at home schooling.suffolk premier fancy dressage browband
  • Ear Bonnet – Help keep your horse happy when you’re riding by protecting his ears from bugs, while also adding a splash of color. Grab an ear net in a bright royal blue, or custom create your own Mattes Ear Bonnet with red, white and blue combinations.ear net
  • Halter – If you want to feel in the spirit when you’re not in the saddle, there are a few nice nylon halters that come in pretty red and blue colors. The Hamilton Breakaway Halter is a good one for turnout. The Centaur® Fleece-Padded Halter works well for horses with sensitive skin and also comes with a lead! breakaway halters

These are just a few of our favorites that we think would make great 4th of July horse tack, but you can certainly find more red, white and blue items in our selection to add to your look. Whether you are having a BBQ at your barn, hacking around the schooling ring, riding in a parade or preparing for a show, we hope you have a happy 4th of July!

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