Dover & Joules special giveaway!

Dover & Joules special giveaway! We are celebrating the new Joules Spring Collection by giving one lucky person the chance to WIN an item of their choice from the new Joules collection!

How do you enter? It’s simple!
1) Write a comment below on why you love Joules so much!
2) Be sure to fill in your name & email address so we can contact you if you win!

Prize choices include:
1) Joules Newlyn Zip Front Sweatshirt
2) Joules Beaufort Lark Polo
3) Joules Elvia Polo

Visit our Joules collection here!

The winner will be chosen by our judges on 4/25/13. Contest ends on 4/24/13 at 11:59PM EST. No purchase necessary. Winner must reside in the continental United States and be 13 years or older. Judge’s decision is final. Facebook is in no way connected with this contest.

204 thoughts on “Dover & Joules special giveaway!

  1. I love all of the Joules clothing. It is not only great to ride in, but great to wear on a daily basis outside of the barn. It’s so great to have such versatile clothing!!!

  2. I love the sweatshirt! It is so beautiful plus would be great for mornings rides while training my colts or giving riding lessons to younger/less experienced 4-H members.

  3. I love their fun and sporty style! I love the bright, fun patterns they come up with while still keeping the look classy! Their clothes are also super comfortable and can be worn anywhere, anytime!

  4. I love Joules because the lines a colorful and the quality really lasts a long time. I always receive complements when I’m wearing Joules in and out of the saddle.

  5. Joules clothing is so great because it allows you to express yourself, your style, and show your individuality in a sport where you generally strive for consistency and uniformity. Any chance to show off your personality and reflect your amazing equine teammate’s personality is terrific!

  6. I think the Joules Elvia Polo would look absolutely stunning on me , next to my super fancy black mare. I do not own anythhing by Joules and I LOVE these summer/spring colors! My mare has spring colors , so i am hoping to win this so we can be ready for summer together :)

  7. Actually while I do love that sweatshirt, I went and looked at the polos too. And let me say that the prints and patterns are right up my alley. They are soooooooo cute. I’m going to have to share with all of my friends so they can see all the cuteness. New favorite brand? I think so.

  8. I LOVE joules, great clothing stylish, sleek, and a real eye catcher at the shows ;) Great for wearing around the barn, public of showing off at the show grounds!! Love,love,love it!

  9. I LOVE Joules, not only do i wear it to the barn, but to the office as well! It is so versatile, stylish and extremely well made. LOVE Joules!

  10. I love all the colors! Everything is great quality and very stylish for a fun day at the barn or day out with friends.

  11. Love the style, it is nice to have something to wear out while running errands to the feed store, etc. I love the choices that are offered and the colors are so cute.

  12. I love joules! The english diciplines can be so conservative and well, at times predictable and boring. Joules breaks away from this with brilliant colors…to me, it says celebrate life!!

  13. This summer I have an externship with an Equine Hospital in NC. My ‘uniform’ so to speak, is polos, jeans, and horse-appropriate shoes! I have several tuffrider and generic polos, but all of them are plain colors like white and blue. I would love to be able to wear a Joules Beaufort Lark Polo in Navy Stripe to work this summer- it’s colorful and fun!
    Thanks, Robyn

  14. I love everything by Joules! They are constantly coming out with pieces that are fashionable, classy and clean. Always appropriate for clinics, lessons, or even wearing to the beach. Great quality stuff! I especially like the Joules Newlyn Zip Front Sweatshirt, the print detail on the cuffs and collar is beautiful and unique! It would be perfect for spring, especially up here in the mountains of utah!

  15. I love the all the clothing from Joules. The styles and colors sequence are so different and catch your eye, I just love them. And they’re so comfortable too!!

  16. I don’t have any Joules clothing, mainly because it isn’t in my budget, but I absolutely love the look of all their products! Also, I love to dress matchy-matchy with the horses I ride, and it would be so fun to have some Joules to mix and match!

  17. Joules – awesome style, classic, comfortable – and perfect for ‘horsing’ around :) How could anything top that?!

  18. I love Joules because I am a huge fan of pink and blue and green. I would love the polo. I would love the polo because I just began horse riding a year ago and love dressing up and looking stylish. I also need new polos badly and dont have the funds right now because of college. I love the polo because it is bright, elegant and very colorful. I could see myself riding in it at my lessons and making my parents proud to see me ride and fulfill my dream and they are very well made :)

  19. I love Joules products because they are fashionable but durable! They are made out of quality materials that actually hold up to use in the barn.

  20. Love Joules clothing!! Anything from this collection would look so great on my daughter in Colorado in August at the Dressage Seat national finals!! It would make the pictures from this special event even more wonderful and colorful!

  21. Joules is my favorite brand of clothing to ride in and wear everyday, in fact I am wearing a Joules pullover now :) Their products are very fun and durable. I have had a polo from them for four years now and still looks perfect. They fit well and are form flattering. It is hard to find great, colorful clothing in adult sizes! The best overall!

  22. Joules incorporates classic styles with fun patterns and colors that make me feel like a little kid! I have a pair of joules Welles and they are not only my favorite shoes (duh purple polka dotted boots…) but they are great quality. If everything of joules is this quality then they are doing something right!

  23. Joules has designs that are colorful, unique and work great from the barn to downtown. Plus they are comfortable and cute!

  24. I love the style and bright colors that are great for spring! The Joules Newlyn Zip Front Sweatshirt would be perfect of spring hack or lesson in the outdoor arena!!

  25. I love everything about Joules clothing, from the bright and fun colors to alI of the little details and touches like pretty floral or other prints that line the collars and seems. I always get compliments when I have Joules on…even from non horse people ;)

  26. Fashion meets function! Love that I can look fabulous while grinding out a tough ride or training session. It’s even stylish enough to grab a coffee or run errands after a day at barn! Love this line!

  27. I bought my joules wellies at HITS in NY 2011 and I have been in love with them ever since!! I not only wear them with my riding attire.. I some times throw them on for a touch of cuteness on a rainy day!

  28. I love Joules because all of their patterns and products are full of color and are really fun! Its hard to find polo shirts and jackets that are just plain boring colors so its really refreshing to buy Joules products and change things up a little bit. They are also very stylish and bring in fashion from England to America and all over!

  29. I love how stylish the clothing is, and how I can go from my everyday activities straight to the barn. They are also very comfortable.

  30. I love Joules because they’re not afraid of bright colours!! Too many other compaies think riders want to be drab and dark!

  31. I love how joules polos are so different and the color schemes are so bold and it works! Plus their quality is phenomenal :)

  32. I love Joules because their products are colorful, fresh, sporty, and durable! They are my go-to polo shirts and sweatshirts for riding!

  33. The joules collection fills a niche in the equestrian world unlike any other brand. Joules attire and products allow me, an 18 year old rider, to transition from the barn to general outings flawlessly. As my fellow riders know, those who aren’t in on the horse secret think we tend to look rather funny in our barn attire. However, with joules, I am constantly complimented on how bright, fun, and stylish the attire they produce is. Many non horse people beg me to tell them where I get such fantastic looking items. The entire joules collection is the absolute best kept secret the equestrian world has, not only keeping us looking as good as we know (and hope) we do while working with our 4 legged friends, but also allowing others to drool over our attire! The spring collection is the next generation of the best looking products out there!

  34. All I ever wear when I’m riding are old t-shirts. I wish I had some real polos to wear while I’m riding so I can look as good as the other riders. I looked at what Joules has to offer and wow! They are all so beautiful (and way out of my price range.) I would wear these even when I’m not at the barn!

  35. I love love LOVE Joules because of the fun colors and flattering fit of their clothing. I think they make me look absolutely smashing. :)

  36. I love Joules because not only is it stylish but very functional too. I have abused my one Joules sweatshirt and it still looks brand new. Love all the fun patterns and colors.

  37. I love Joules for how fashionable their clothes are and their fun colors. They make you look great no matter where you are going. I can go to the barn and then run errands or go out for lunch and look put together and fabulous!

  38. Joules is one of my favorite brands! They know how to make stylish clothing that gives a nice twist to typically earthy toned and classicaly styled riding gear. I’m loving the cuffs on the Joules Newlyn Zip Front Sweatshirt!

  39. I love Joules because the clothes are so well-made and comfortable, but they are also flattering. Their sweatshirts especially are good for transitioning from the barn to outside life.

  40. I love how Joules uses all of these bright colors you just can’t find in other polos! The are so unique! I also love that they are fashionable for the equestrian world and the non-equestrian world! So much versitallity! Everytime I open up the Dovetsaddlery Catologue I want every single piece of the Joules line!

  41. I love all of the Joules clothing, the colors are bright but it keeps an awesome classy look to it. I would love to have a Joules polo for riding in this year!

  42. Joules is the best because they know how to fit pieces so they are cute but also good to ride in (so much harder than it sounds!). As someone who is always running between school, work, and the barn, clothes that can straddle one or more of thsoe worlds make me SO happy! Also, I love wearing bright colors to complement my horse’s coat and to get me excited for all the warm weather and colors of spring that are on their way!

  43. I’ve always loved loved loved Joules products! I’ve sadly never been able to purchase an item because of need for my money to be spent on other things, so winning this give away would mean a ton! I always drool over their things in stores and online, and dream about what to buy!

  44. I am one who likes to keep up with the current fashion and colors. Joules apparel is so vibrant and trendy! I would be proud to wear anything with the Joules name and showcase their wonderful design talent!

  45. I love Joules because its very comfortable, yet stylish at the same time. Also, they have really nice, springy colors which I love. Lastly, it’s kinda fun to be wearing something that had the same name as your nickname :)

  46. I love Joules because of its high class look and comfort. This is my go to brand if i want to look my best at training or an event. It’s comfortable, and I absolutely love the styling! It’s sophisticated and classy, and always looks good next to a horse :)

  47. I LOVE the colors that Joules provides to the equestrian world. It puts a little bit of fun and flare into the hunter world while also maintaining the classic shapes.

  48. Love Joules because of all the amazing colors and patterns they use. Their clothes are always comfortable and practical for daily use!

  49. Joules is a fantastic brand, giving us so many ways to express ourselves bright colors and flashy patterns. I have the Joules wellies in baby blue with chickens!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The Joules Newlyn Zip Front Sweatshirt would definitely be a great addition to my riding attire.

  50. I like Joules because they are bright colored yet classy. They also are very comfortable to ride in, which is huge!

  51. I love joules because everything is bold, bright, beautiful and exceptionally comfortable with the added bonus of being highly vetsatile. None of these qualities prohibit the brands long lasting high quality.

  52. Joules is great quality merchandise. The fabrics are rugged and the construction is great. They are worth the money, because they last forever! They never go out of style because they are “Joules”!

  53. I love joules clothing, their winter/fall stuff is warm and cute and their spring/summer stuff is cute and stylish. All their clothing is made very well and fits well also. I love both wearing my joules stuff at the barn and wearing it just about anywhere because it is so stylish and comfortable! I have actually had my eye on the new joules front zip since I saw it in the Dover Saddlery that came just a little while ago. It’s super cute and looks perfect for spring!

  54. I LOVE Joules because all of their products are fun, fashionable and fit perfectly! The quality, comfort, and cost of riding apparel are three incredibly important elements that play into choosing outfits for the barn; Joules ties these three elements together nicely to create attractive, affordable apparel.

  55. I love Joules clothing because it combines fashion and function. Everything I have tried is very comfortable to ride in but has also gotten me compliments away from the barn.

  56. I love Joules because it is so colorful and fun! When you constantly have to wear tan britches, it’s always nice to add in a splash of color and personality into the stereotypical schooling attire… Or into the jumper ring!!

  57. I LOVE the Joules clothing line everything I buy for my daughter fits perfect and the quality is amazing. My daughter spends a lot of time and the barn and her Joules go through a lot wear and tear. so I really like the fact that after many washings the clothes keep their brilliant color.

  58. Not for me, but for my daughter, who is 14, and LOVES Joules so much she saves up all her christmas money to buy new Joules in the Spring.. and we get her a couple more for her birthday in July :-)

  59. The styles and the colors are just fantastic! Not to mention the quality and wonderful fit of the material! I’d love to get some new polos for the new show season this year!

  60. I love Joules for their combination of fun and bold colors with classic styles. Perfect for every fashion conscious equestrian.

  61. My 13 year old daughter is super shy and reserved. She has always admired the Joules patterns and colors, they are so vivid and engaging! She has often circled the Joules items in catalogs we get at home and I feel that she would love a reason to wear your fun clothing and wellies. There’s a wild side of her just willing itself to come out! Plus, your colors would look stunning next to her thoroughbred’s coloring. Clover is a 17 hand blood mare who’s great grand sire was Secretariat (Big Red) :)

  62. Joules is my go to brand! I love the bright, cheerful feel of the colors, and my Minnies look adorable in the polos!

  63. I have yet to actually own something from joules. I live their clothing because of the bright combination of colors that are super fun but classy at the same time. I could even get away with wearing the clothing to school or really anywhere :)

    • I work in equine advertising and the Joules product line has always been a favorite of mine. Joules products are classical enough that a non-horse person would enjoy wearing them as well!

  64. I love Joules because everything is so comfy and the bright colors of the polos would really make me stand out in the jumper ring, which could be good or bad :P

  65. I love joules because they have fantastic colours and fit my style and lifestyle perfectly! It’s always great to look stylish evening with picking up poop or out on the hack!

  66. Joules wellies are glamorous, sporty, and flirty enough that I wear them around my university campus on rainy days ! Everyone compliments, and loves the style. High five to Joules designers on a fabulous brand of attire ! =]

  67. Joules clothing is perfect for the Barn, office, going out with friends, etc. Not too warm not too cold, they are JUST RIGHT!!! The bright colors are just another plus!!

  68. I love all Joules pieces because they add a colorful pop to any outfit! Perfect for spring,winter, fall, summer! I wear them to the barn and everywhere else because they are so cute and colorful

  69. Tom Joule- you are supercool, creating fashion old school while defying common rule. All the envy at riding school, those without continue to drool. Your polos have cost me a pretty penny but my daughter continues to acquire many! Best wishes for continued success!

  70. I love Joules because it is such versatile clothing. It is great to wear out to the barn to ride but is also cute to wear other places as well.

  71. I love Joules because they’re clothes are always cute & stylish. I’ve never actually owned a Joules product but I always see my friends & trainers wearing Joules clothing, & I absolutely love them! I love the Joules Beaufort Lark Polo because you can express yourself. With Joules, you don’t have to wear plain, solid color polos. You can spice it up a bit with the fun patterns! Thank you for hosting this contest!

  72. Joules clothing is always stylish and on trend, while being perfect for riding. It is always comfortable and has a great fit! I would love the zip up jacket for the barn!

  73. I love joules so much because the clothing that the company offers gives equestrians a chance to brighten their every day riding attire

  74. I love joules not only to wear to the barn but to wear out for the everyday. I get compliment all the time on my joules pullovers and polos because of their great fun colors and styles; I love telling people that they are riding clothes! Joules is definitely my favorite riding brand because of their vibrant and fun patterns and colors that match my personality.

  75. Joules is amazing! Their polos and shirts are very comfortable and stylish. I can wear their clothing to the barn and out and about! I wish i could get all of their products!

  76. I love Joules because of all of the colors. It’s okay to stand out! I also love how classy the cut and style of their clothes are. Joules takes the traditional style of equestrian clothes and makes it more fun!

  77. I love Joules line, it is the perfect choice for transistioning clothing, especially school to barn. I attend a private school that has a bit of a picky dress code, and i can easily pair a joules polo with my school pants, and go right to the barn after! I even get compliments on my joules clothes from non-riders, they think it’s just a nice ralph lauren type of brand!

  78. The pages of Joules fashion are where my two little girls and I go to FIRST in the Dover catalog! Fun, bright colors and styles all three of us enjoy!

  79. I don’t have any Joules products right now. But I would love to have atleast two shirts!! The different styles and colors will make you stand out in the show ring warming up! Or at home practing ! You can wear joules all season long!!! Wich is really nice because you will get an audience each time you ride! The colors stand out so perfectly and you can choose from many different patterns and colors !!

  80. I love Joules because of the flattering fit and bright, cheerful colors! The polo shirts really pop with light colored breeches. The best part is that I really love the way I look when I’m riding my favorite grey gelding, Handsome. Handsome goes with EVERYTHING!

  81. First of all, the brand name “JOULES”.. I love it. I’m thinking it has to be in reference to the British physicist, James Prescott “JOULE,” who studied the nature of heat & it’s connection & relationship to mechanical work, or energy. How perfect and fitting!! This whole line, with its bright colors, screams energy!! It is perfect for Spring, The fabrics are super versatile~you can layer up for added warmth, or be perfectly comfortable in any variety of polo styles you have to offer. It is classy, comfortable, & chic..not only that, this line, given the name, is SMART. Love it all!

  82. I’ve always loved the Joules lines, and love the brand more because they support one of my favorite riders, Mary King. She is an intensely classy and professional rider, and maybe some of her talent and grace would rub off on me! Plus Joules’ bright colors would be lovely to wear, especially during the lingering winter snow and rain Minnesota is experiencing.

  83. I love all of Joules apparel because it isn’t ordinary and always offers a bright colored lineup that draws attention in the show ring or out on the town! I love their styles and especially the fit! Great for riding and still fancy enough to wear to the country club!!!

  84. I love Joules for a variety of reasons. The fit is great, the colors are bold, and you can take it from the showplace to the streets and not get those concerned looks over, “Why does she have tight pants with spot of leather on, and a shirt with a weird collar…” We all know those looks but with Joules, we stand out with beautiful distinction!

  85. I love joules because it is very modern and allows you more choices and a more “trendy” riding outfit compared to the very traditional solid and darker colors that you see in most tack shops. As a fashion blogger and a show jumper, I find that joules meshes well with both the riding world and fashion world.

  86. I absolutely love Joules. Living in the hunter/jumper world, I appreciate a clean, classic look, and I try to dress myself in the image that I love to see. Joules has that clean, classic look, but with a twist of individuality that breaks up the what could be constant stream of black polos and tan breeches. The clothes are very comfortable and fit well, and they allow me to have fun with my outfits while still presenting myself as a professional for those I work for and dress like a positive role model for the younger students I teach.

  87. The Joules collection is my go to riding wear because its fun, stylish, and classy… especially for the jumper ring. Joules polos are great for the jumper ring because they are still classy and professional but fun at the same time! I am that type of rider that loves the efficiency of Joules polos and looking great is a added bonus!!!

  88. I like Joules because their clothes are trendy, look great, and make me a better rider. Or at least I to think so!

  89. Joules clothing is so unique, and a great way to stand out, both at the barn and around town. I love the bright colors and pretty patterns. Joules is the best!

  90. I love joules because they provide an updated quality look that is perfect for riding and your after riding errands. I even have been known to wear the polos on nights out

  91. Everything in the Joules collection I adorable! I love wearing it to the barn and when I’m out and about! The sweatshirt would be the perfect addition to my collection!

  92. Joules products are classy and sophisticated, not to mention incredibly comfortable! Their polos are perfect for the barn and everyday wear!

  93. I have a bright personality and live in a town with hot summers it would be Awesome to sport a cute polo to shows that’s as bright as I am! :) this is my first year showing eventing I am So excited!

  94. One of the best things about the Joules brand is how inherently equestrian it is. You can’t seem to go to a show without seeing their polos everywhere, and being admired by everyone. It’s one of the first things I can remember wanting in my early showing days. Even if two girls had the same style polo on they didn’t mind because it’s Joules. To this day Joules polos are what I want to wear while riding. Other brands try to keep up, but there’s something about having a number on your shirt and that scrawling script that can’t be replicated.

  95. I love Joules because all their things have the cutest designs and come in the most amazing color combos!! You just can’t beat that!

  96. I absolutely love my Joules polo that I currently own. Not only is it cool and comfortable while at the barn and riding, but it’s also sleek and stylish enough to wear out without people assuming your a “horsey” person. I absolutely love there new line of polis and sweatshirts. They are bright, colorful and wild! They are perfect to make a bold first impression with at the barn or show, but yet still great to wear them elsewhere!

  97. I love all of the colors in Joules clothing! It’s boring to be just black, white, and tan all of the time. I think Joules is a great company to go with if you like fun, funky colors to express your personality!

  98. I like joules clothing line because they choose bright colors and patterns that reflect the fun and funky side of riding!

  99. I love everything Joules makes because they’re are super preppy and bright! Polos are perfect for the summer and the sweatshirts are awesome for the spring and fall! They always have great quality clothes so I can’t ride in them and know they won’t break!

  100. I love joules because it makes me feel super professional and I love the look. Their designs are bright and colorful and I absolutely love their polo’s and sweatshirts!!

  101. Joules lets me express myself and be comfortable at the same time whether I’m in the saddle or enjoying some relaxing out-of-office time. The colors, the fabric, the construction and the attention to detail is the best. I love the surprise of color accents where you wouldn’t expect them. And…who can resist the rabbit?!

  102. I have a special reason for loving the Joules collection, but it was for my beloved mare’s blanket. I could not wait to get her a new sheet! I was in love with the stripes and loved the colors! It was different and I liked that! I was finally able to get her a new sheet after many years in the old one, and was very excited. Hope looked great in it and it fit wonderfully. My only regret is that she only really got to wear it one season. You see, she passed away last December 5th. I still have her blanket, as it was the last thing she wore, and it still has her smell on it. I will never was it, and no other horse will ever wear it. Thank you Joules for such a wonderful blanket, it really looked great one her.
    I love the clothes collection of Joules, very today and colorful. I would love to win and one day be able to wear riding clothes once again. I have not ridden since the end of last November. Thank you so very much.

  103. Joules Spring Collection makes equestrian tradition fun without sacrificing quality! It’s as simple as that, it’s adorable, yet functional and comfortable .

  104. I love the joules collection because it stays true to classy traditions while still incorporating fun colors and patterns.

  105. I love everything Joules because It’s very quality and flattering clothing. The unique styles let you express yourself and get out of all the same old same old clothing styles, and he colors give them sassy looks while still keeping it classy! Plus their durable so I know they’ll last me a really long time!

  106. Joules is by far my favorite brand for pools because there is such a wide variety for colors and styles to choose from! I always get so many compliments when I wear my Joules polls to lessons or shows. The polls are so bright, beautiful, and very flattering. I remember always seeing riders around me in these gorgeous and bright polos and always wanting one. When I if ally got my first ever Joules polo, I was hooked. I can’t get enough of Joules, and a Joules polo or sweatshirt is always number one on my birthday and holiday wish lists! Whenever I ride in my Joules polos I feel like a pro because of how classy they make me look! Not to mention, Joules looks great out of the ring too. When I have worn my Joules to school even non horsey people ask me where I got my beautiful polo. I can get enough of Joules!

  107. I love Joules because it’s always cute, always comfortable, and always practical! Is there any better combination?

  108. I love Joules because of their distinctive, bright twist on the classic polo. Their clothing is an outward reflection of the fun and happiness galloping over a cross country course with your best four legged friend brings.

  109. I love all if the Joules collection because it’s so colorful and professional looking throughout daily riding! Not many other companies have colorful and unique riding clothing, but Joules hit the spot! I would love to add a new polo to my collection before I head off to ride at Bridgewater College.

  110. I love Joules because it’s so colorful and bright! I feel like I look my best, even when I’m at the barn.

  111. I love Joules because the clothes are so cute. I absolutely HATE regular polos. They are hot, sticky and most girls polos sleeves are cut really short. I love the Joules polos because they come in long sleeve and are amazing quality. They are also super cute (:

  112. Joules allows riders to school in fun colors, but still look classy and put together. They offer a great selection of products for all ages, and types of riding. In short, how can you not love Joules?!

  113. I love Joules because of the colors and designs that get me ready for my favorite season (spring)!!! Also there are no other clothes like Joules! Super unique! (:

  114. I’ve chosen English riding among other disciplines for because it is very “pretty”, it has very classic, clean and neat conservative look. I love Joules polo and jacket because it is very classy and yet very modern and chic – just what classic modern rider is looking for

  115. Having never owned any Joules clothes, I can’t say anything about comfort or fit, but I love the patterns – mostly the stripes! And I LOVE bright colors. In fact, I cut out the Joules pages in the catalog to look at, since I don’t have much spending money. Even if I’m not wearing a Joules polo, it brightens me up a little just to look at it.

  116. I love Joules! I have a few polo’s and everyone compliments me on how nice they look. Very comfy and cute!

  117. Joules is amazing, I have never owned one of their products, i have only fantized and stared at their collections for hours haha! But one of the reasons i would love to own something from the Joules is because they have amazing style everything in their collection is sassy, sophisticated,and functionable! It gives you confidence and a proffesional look. They’re is nothing better than riding your horse in fashionable equsterian clothes. I also think that something from the Joules collection would go wonderful with my brand new horse, I just got my very first horse a big black mare :)

  118. I like the jacket because when you are feeding the horses at 7 in the morning and its a little chilly, jackets are great to have. Also, the zip feature is amazing because all-to-often when I am bout to ride, I decide its a little chilly and keep my jacket on. Then, after about 10 minutes of riding, I’m sweating like crazy after a hard canter. The zipper is nice because then I don’t have to struggle on the horse trying to pull the jacket off or continuously have to dismount to take it off.

  119. I LOVE Joules because I love the classic cuts mixed with bright colors a patterns. A mesh of traditional and modern, and so unique! Not to mention comfortable and well made!

  120. I love Joules because it let’s be show my fun colorful side in a classy put together way! Such a great company!

  121. I love Joules clothing because it has a great fit and is comfortable! Not only are the colors a bonus, but they look great and are versatile! The jacket would be perfect! It’s perfect for those chilly show mornings, and is easy to take off after your all warmed up! I love these contests! They are a great chance for everyone to get some amazing clothing/tack!!!

  122. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JOULES!!! I only have one polo and it fits me perfectly!! It’s hard for me to find any riding clothes that fit and I need some new spring/summer clothes to kick off the start of my first how season with the new mare I’m riding we are Doing eventing and the polo matched our colors perfectly!!! I have been drooling over these polis but can’t afford them for our season. Dover you are so amazing thank you for doing these contests now if I could just figure out how to win!!!!! :D

  123. While I have never had the extra money to spend on Joules apparel, I am always amazed at the unique patterns that look so nice together. Joules clothing gives riders the opportunity to look cute and fun, which so many other brands lack! As the riding world strays away from the traditional colors and cuts, riders need options like Joules apparel to keep up with the changing trends.

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  125. I love the colors and the material. Very soft and comfortable. The shirts I have also wash and dry very well with no shrinkage or color fade.

  126. I absolutely love this clothing line. It fits how I try and coordinate what I wear when I ride. It can get hard trying to find a perfect outfit sometimes. One could never have to many jackets!! You can use them for more than just riding and I do not out grow jackets very easily so this would be the perfect jacket for the next decade!

  127. I love Joules because of the amazing color palate, and the unique look of the clothes! They look great with breeches or for everyday I’m not at the barn!

  128. Oh my gosh I love this copany sometimes I spend a ton of my spending money on this its super fashionable super comfortable and warm (or cool depending) what’s not to love. Love joules!

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  133. I love the Joules Equestrian Collection because of the sportiness and life they bring to the equestrian world. Most rider apparel comes in the basic colors like tan, white, black, and navy but Joules steps out with colorful palettes and fun patterns. You can always be noticed in the ring while wearing a polo from Joules! Many riders at my stable ride in Joules attire and I love would love to join them. Most of all I would love to take off the winter jackets and express my love for spring and summer with a bold Joules fashion expression!! Would win any of piece of the Joules Collection but I think the Joules Beaufort Lark Polo is my favorite. I think my horse would take a good long stare at those stripes :)

  134. The Joules Collection of clothing is stylish to take you from hacking around on your horse, to the show ring, or to a day of casual shopping. In any situation you can be comfortable and confident in their apparel while also having a polished and trendy look. The contrasting/complimentary colors of the Joules Spring Clothing line as well as the well know quality of their products makes their products “must-haves” in any equestrian closet!

  135. I would love to win a Joules shirt because they look lovely and have wonderful reviews. I have never had the pleasure of owning any Joules items but would love the opportunity!

  136. Although i do not own any joules clothing yet, i would love to have a t shirt, i enjoy that the patterns are not just plain on the shirt, they have a neat style with a great variety of colors!

  137. I love Joules! I wear the polos all the time both in and out of the ring and my whole family is now hooked too! My mom has always been a fan of Joules products and now we even have my dad wearing the polos all the time. All of my joules gear looks great and wears like iron, I still have the first polo that I ever got.

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    Happy Trails!

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  146. I love the Joules collection for the fact that a lot of my “good” clothes are sometimes worn to the barn. I love pieces that are both versatile and beautiful, and especially if I can wear them for a day of schooling AND for a day away from the barn, (not that I ever take one! :) ).

  147. I love Joules! I have always loved how the polos look in the jumper ring, they help to bring out the flare and personality. Being a groom, a Joules polo or sweatshirt would not only be comfortable and more fun than a simple black polo, but would make me look professional! The Joules line is trendy and exciting!

  148. I like Joules because te qualitly of the the clothing is impeccable. It is very comfortable to ride in also. Lastly, the colors are bright and very classy. I own a few of the products and they launder well too. As far as riding, I look great and blend well wit my motif Ihave going with my horse. It is all about style.

  149. I love Joules because the look is very stylish! It’s colorful, pretty, and either at the barn, riding clinic, or just out with friends, it’s something that I could wear anywhere. Most of the polos out in the market place are mostly just solid colors, but Joules offers polos that have a little more personality, and something that is very functional to wear. These are the reasons why I love Joules products.

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  152. I love Joules because the products have great quality and bright colors. I love the style of the clothes especially the polo t-shirts. Everything is comfortable for jumping, dressage, cross country, looks good for shows, casual riding, trail riding, and any other day for school or work. Joules is an amazing shop and I cant wait for more of your fabulous collection!

    -Kylie Vanhove :D

  153. Joules clothing has been with me throughout my riding career, from the fun colored polos to the sophisticated outerwear that I can wear to any event. I love Joules because not only are their clothing items fashionable in the riding world but also for everyday attire! I can readily grab a Joules jacket or sweater to wear out for the night or around town.

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