3 Tips for Organizing a Barn

Spring has arrived (at last!) in many regions of the country. If you’re like most riders, you’re enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and the warmth of the sun as you ride. Spring is also a time for organizing your barn. Tack and riding equipment have a funny way or piling up and getting disheveled during long, cold winter months, and the thaw of Spring is a perfect reason to tidy up the barn.

Here are a few tips to help you organize your barn for Spring:

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Equestrian Brands We Love: Weatherbeeta

One of the most popular horse blanket brands at Dover is Weatherbeeta. Weatherbeeta has been in the horse blanket business for over 35 years. They’re known for their strong, durable fabrics and breathability, as well as their computer stitching technologies that ensure high-strength seam construction. All of their turnout seams are sealed to ensure the ultimate waterproofing and protection. They offer three main lines of blankets that range in features and pricing.

Weatherbeeta Features a Range of Horse Blankets Styles

The Weatherbeeta Freestyle Turnout Blanket line is the ultimate in freedom, comfort, and protection. These horse blankets are built for durability with tough outer fabrics, waterproof & breathable outers, rust resistant gun metal fittings, and quick clip front closures. The comfort features for your horse include a cupped shoulder darts, forward positioned gussets, wither relief, a comfort cuff, and a full wrap tail flap. Available in Pony, Cob, Horse, and Oversize options.

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Turnout Blanket vs. Turnout Sheet: TIps for Blanketing a Horse

In our recent posts, we shared tips to help equestrians stay warm when riding in winter. A good pair of winter breeches and winter riding boots are essential for winter horseback riding. But what about keeping your horse warm?

To blanket or not to blanket? That is always the question. Horses with thick, fluffy coats that are seldom ridden in winter may not need a blanket at all. These horses do well with natural protection, and may only need a mid-weight blanket to put on for extra cold or wet weather. Other horses will strongly benefit from the regular use of winter blankets. These include horses that are ridden in the winter months, clipped horses, older horses or horses that have trouble keeping on weight.

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Equestrian Brands We Love: Irideon

Designed, tested, and made in the USA, Irideon riding breeches, tights, jods and t-shirts are created by riders for riders. Irideon apparel is tested in the saddle to ensure a comfortable fit for every rider.

Dover Saddlery offers riding breeches and an assortment of Irideon riding apparel in a variety of sizes, colors, fabrics for women and children. Their commitment to meeting Equestrians’ needs shows in the comfort and durability their products provide. Year after year, they come out with great styling options, including breeches that perform well for horse shows as well as trail riding, three season breeches, stylish riding tights, children’s breeches, bootcut and jean style breeches, and more! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles and see why we love them.

Irideon breechesIrideon® Cadence™ Breeches. The Irideon® Cadence™ Breeches offer great range of motion and a flattering fit that makes them ideal in the show ring, on the trail, as well as a go-to breech for schooling.

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Insulated Riding Boots Keep you Warm and Dry

In our last post, we shared advice on buying winter breeches . If you have ever had cold or wet feet, we don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable this feeling is. New and improved technologies provide us with better winter riding boot choices on the market than ever! At Dover Saddlery, we have been trying and testing some of the best winter riding boots and here is what you need to know.

The materials used on both the inside and the outside of the boot will make the biggest difference for warming your feet on cold days. The group of inner materials uses various methods to trap air and utilize your own body heat to insulate your boot, providing exceptional warmth without as much bulk or weight. Included in this category are Primaloft®, 3M™ Thermolite®, and Thinsulate™. These are ultimate inside material choices for moisture prevention and heavy duty cold performance on the market today.

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Winter Breeches for 2014: Make Cold Weather Riding Comfortable

Riding your horse in the winter can be an enjoyable experience – with the right riding apparel. Fortunately, there is a tremendous selection of winter breeches at varying price points with a grand array of styling options available.

So how do you choose the right winter breeches for you? At Dover Saddlery, we put our riding experience to work selecting the best winter breeches available to the Equestrian market.

Cold weather riders need winter riding pants that are grippy instead of slippery, provide comfort, aren’t too bulky, are available in the right sizes, and most importantly- WARM. The fabrics and options available from manufacturers vary.

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